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Program Watch: A Deped Thrust To Ensure Quality Education

Date: 06-05-2015 02:47

To insure quality education the Department of Education has implemented the program WATCH an acronym that stands for “We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty” an advocacy of the former Secretary of Education Jesli A. Lapus. This program aims to minimize the corruption of time by some of the Department of Education employees.

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Orthography And The Minasbate Dialectal Equivalents Of Science Terms

Date: 06-05-2015 01:39

This study with a title “ORTHOGRAPHY AND THE MINASBATE DIALECTAL EQUIVALENTS OF SCIENCE TERMS”, aims to get the Minasbate dialectal equivalents of the identified science terms.

Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions:

1. What is the profile of the ... read full abstract ››

Learning Achievement in Science and Health 5 Through 5E Instructional Model

Date: 25-04-2015 03:22

The primary purpose of the study was to assess and prove the effectiveness of 5E Instructional Model in the learning achievement of Grade 5 pupils in Science and Health 5 at St. Paul College of Paranaque during the school year 2013-2014.
The quasi-experimental method of research which uses the one group pretest and posttest design was used with the pretest and posttest as ... read full abstract ››

Quality Elearning In Distance Learning: Achieving Benefits And Implications For National Elearning Policy In Ghana

Date: 31-03-2015 14:14

Tertiary institutions in Ghana are faced with inadequate ... read full abstract ››

“Binisaya” Instruction: Facing The Mtb-mle Challenges Head-on

Date: 24-03-2015 07:31

Current studies show the growing movement of the Mother Tongue (MT) instruction in the elementary years of a child‘s education all over the world. This is apparent in the rising number of efforts in the educational programs in the Philippines that utilize this approach. Nonetheless, Philippines is the only country in Asia to have instituted a national policy calling for ... read full abstract ››

Videojuegos Para La Transformación Social Aportaciones Conceptuales Y Metodológicas

Date: 28-02-2015 17:03

Videogames have been one of the main inroads into the constant line of renewal and modernization of leisure forms in the last half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. In addition to their ludic importance, they have played a subtle role as tool for social transformation. However this aspect has been barely studied because, apparently, it has been an unin ... read full abstract ››

El Efecto De Un Módulo Multimedio Interactivo En El Nivel De Conocimiento De Estudiantes Universitarios Sobre Las Enfermedades De Transmisión Sexual

Date: 24-02-2015 00:32

The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of an interactive multimedia module in the level of knowledge of college students on basic concepts of sexually transmitted diseases. The research design was quasi-experimental, pre and post test groups for availability. For this purpose it was constructe ... read full abstract ››

Effectiveness Of Gulayan Sa Paaralan Program In Tambo Elementary School, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Date: 11-12-2014 13:41

Gulayan sa Paaralan is one of the programs which promotes vegetable gardening within schools in the Philippines. This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) in Tambo Elementary School, Lanao del Norte, Philippines in terms of pupils perception on importance of vegetables, extent of hands-on learning and the factors associated wi ... read full abstract ››

Awareness And Preparedness Among Agricultural Education Students Of Mindanao State University, Marawi City On The K-12 Basic Education Program

Date: 11-12-2014 13:09

The school year 2014 – 2015 marked as the beginning of K-12 Basic Education Program implementation in the Philippines. This study assessed the awareness and preparedness on the K-12 Basic Education program among Agricultural Education students of Mindanao State University, Marawi City. Data from 94 respondents were gathered using semi-structured and analyzed using freque ... read full abstract ››

Research Journal

Date: 21-11-2014 06:17


The study generally evaluates the teaching performance of student teacher in the Bachelor in Elementary Education of Cagayan State University. It looked into the personal profile of the student teacher in term of: age, sex, religion, residents location, ethnicity, sibling order, educational attainment of p ... read full abstract ››

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