Parkear Or Not Parkear, That's The Question: A Study About The Lexical Innovations Produced By Brazilian Immigrants In The Usa  

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Course / Degree: Doctorate
Institution / University: Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Published in: 2010

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This thesis aims at studying the speech of Brazilian immigrants to the United States of America. The Brazilian immigrants use some lexical innovations which seem to be the result of language contact between Portuguese and English. These innovations have a certain regularity and are used only within the Brazilian community in the USA. Based on the variationist studies of Labov, Weinreich and others, we did an ethnographic study comprizing Interviews, Questionnaires and a Lexical Availability List. We interviewed 30 informants with the purpose of discovering the socio-demographic features of the Brazilian Community and the lexical choices made by them. By using statistical techniques, we reached some interesting results. We discovered, for example, that age, the type of activities they perform, their age in the beginning of the target language learning process, their proficiency in the target language and their gender play an important role in the lexical choices they make.

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Lexical innovations; Linguistic Variation; Socio-demographic Factors; Languages in Contact

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