Effectiveness Of The Madrasah Sa Basak As An Extension Program Among Meranao Rice Farmers In Lanao Del Sur, Philippines  

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Course / Degree: MS Ag Ext
Institution / University: Mindanao State University - Marawi, Philippines
Published in: 2008

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Madrasah Sa Basak (MSB) is an extension program of MSU PhilRice, a community-based and participatory educational campaign for rice production. This study was conducted to evaluate the Madrasah Sa Basak particularly its effectiveness in terms of Meranao rice farmers’ awareness, knowledge and adoption of MSB practices and identify the farmer-related and MSB- related factors that affect the effectiveness of the MSB program. Data from Meranao rice farmer- recipients of the MSB program from the province of Lanao del Sur, Philippines were gathered using a structured questionnaire and analyzed using t-test and correlation analysis.

The findings of the study indicate that effectiveness of the MSB program among the Meranao rice farmers in Lanao del Sur, Philippines is significantly associated with availability of farm inputs (p This implies re-implementation of the MSB program over a wider coverage in collaboration with different agencies both government and non-government organizations that could provide the varied infrastructure support vital to the effectiveness and sustainability of the MSB program.

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Effectiveness, Madrasah Sa Basak, MSU PhilRice, Meranao Rice Farmers

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AGUANTA, L.M. (2008). Effectiveness of the Madrasah Sa Basak As An Extension  Program Among Meranao Rice Farmers  in Lanao del Sur, Philippines. MS Thesis. Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines

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