The Study On Open Innovation Of Small And Medium Enterprise- Based On The Comparison Between China And Italy  

Abstract Category: Accounts and Economics
Course / Degree: Double Degree in Economics and Management
Institution / University: Shanghai Tongji University , China
Published in: 2015

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a central role in the Italian and Chinese economy but literature still lacks deep studies about open innovation in Chinese and Italian SMEs. Indeed, the phenomenon, is a very new trend. In particular, this thesis has three main objectives:

  1. create a model that identifies the good practices of open innovation in small medium enterprises; 
  2. define the main strategies applied in a sample of Chinese SMEs and provide a critical explanation of the reasons behind these choices; contextualize the results;
  3. define the peculiarities of open innovation in Chinese SMEs in comparison with Italian SMEs. 

This research represents the first study in open innovation literature based on a critical comparison between two countries. The work has been developed thanks to the involvement of six Chinese SMEs and one Italian SME. Moreover, four Chinese and four Italian open innovation experts have been interviewed in order to have a clear understanding about the characteristics of open innovation in the two different contests. Considering the findings, the research has pointed out that there are consistent differences between Italian and Chinese SMEs’ open innovation practices. First of all, considering context specific factors, both Italian and Chinese governments support open innovation with subsidiaries and tax reduction but, in Italy, bureaucratic time and costs discourage SMEs’ access to open innovation funds. In China despite, the access to open innovation funds is very easy and fast. Secondly, considering firm capabilities and managerial strategies, both Italian and Chinese SMEs recognize the importance of internal capabilities to succeed in open innovation however, neither Chinese nor Italian SMEs resort to sophisticated KMS in order to improve internal knowledge. Moreover, in both the countries, open innovation does not imply significant organizational changes as the introduction of new roles or new business units. Thirdly, regarding open innovation partners, Chinese SMEs mostly rely on supply chain partners and they cooperate with both local and overseas partners rather, Italian SMEs most common partners are freelancers and other Italian firms. Fourthly, considering the role of intermediaries, China should encourage the development of open innovation platforms and open innovation agencies. In Italy despite, open innovation intermediaries are well-developed but SMEs’ access is hampered by the difficulty to manage knowledge complexity. Finally, considering intellectual property management, Italian IP law is considered reliable but patenting time and costs are too high. On the other hand, Chinese SMEs’ main issue regards the lack of safe and completed intellectual property rights.

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Open Innovation, Open Innovation in Chinese SMEs, Open Innovation in Italian SMEs

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Dassi G. (2015). The Study on Open Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprise- Based on the Comparison between China and Italy. Shanghai Tongji University. China.

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