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Assessing The Impact Of Efficient Inventory Management In An Organization - Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Date: 08-03-2015 15:00

The inefficient inventory control measures by procurement officers and store keepers have always been a central Problem. Inexperience workers are likely to spend no effort in their job they sometimes absent themselves from work and also produce low quality work. On the other hand, workers who are experienced and have passion for work are likely to produce high quality work and ... read full abstract ››

Access To Credit By Small Scale Entrepreneurship Precisely Poultry Farmers In Ghana

Date: 08-03-2015 14:56

The study was conducted to find out factors that influence access to credit by poultry farmers in Abokobi in the Ga-East municipality of the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. A total of sixty (60) poultry farmers were sampled and were given questionnaire for their responses. The study revealed among others that all respondents accessed credit in one way or the other but those who ... read full abstract ››

Financial Derivative Usage By Corporations In Malaysia

Date: 07-02-2015 12:18

In the corporate world, the use of financial derivative as part of its risk management strategy is becoming apparent nowadays, particularly in Malaysia. This study is to investigate the usage of financial derivatives among corporations and its advantage in managing risk as well as return. Through the examination of the past literatures and case studies, there are attitudes att ... read full abstract ››

Microfinance Schemes And Poverty Reduction Among Women In The Northern Region Of Ghana, A Study Of An Ngo And A Rural Bank

Date: 06-12-2014 14:04

In Ghana like in other developing countries, microfinance has been acknowledged as a pro- poor development intervention because of its special programme models in meeting the special needs of the poor especially women. The Ghanaian informal economic landscape is replete with MFIs, which are assumed to have varied orientations and outcomes for their clients. MFIs have long prov ... read full abstract ››

The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Ghana's Capital Market

Date: 06-12-2014 13:59

The objective of this study is to review and ascertain whether there is a positive or negative impact of foreign direct investment on the six selected companies. In addition, the study will examine how these impacts trickle down to the industry the six companies operate in and to the capital market as a whole.
In order, achieve this objective, the following research quest ... read full abstract ››

Towards An Integrated Approach To Microfinance

Date: 06-12-2014 13:54

This report focuses on the contemporary field of microfinance in Peru and Bolivia, two countries that have well-developed and rapidly growing microfinance sectors, and whose microfinance institutions (MFIs) serve as models for the rest of Latin America and even the global microfinance community. While much research in this broad field emphasizes the perspective of the recipien ... read full abstract ››

An Investigation Of Yam Ingestion Customs In Ghanaian Urban Communities

Date: 06-12-2014 13:46

This study examined the major factors that drive changes in yam consumption patterns across income groups, seasons and urban centers in Ghana to inform food policy formulation. The study, among other things, sought to provide evidence on whether or not yam had become a luxury food commodity in Ghanaian urban communities.
Special attention was also given to the question of ... read full abstract ››

Financial Inclusion Through Business Correspondent Model: Study On Tripura Gramin Bank

Date: 06-12-2014 09:45

Financial Inclusion can be defined as providing affordable access to basic banking products and services likes savings, loans, remittances, insurances, etc. to the hitherto excluded and often under privileged and disadvantaged section of the society. In India affordable access to basic financial services has been den ... read full abstract ››

Synopsis - Living And Working Conditions Of The Textile Mill Employees In Dindigul District

Date: 04-03-2014 11:17

The textile industry is amongst the oldest and the largest manufacturing industries in India. It is more than a couple of centuries old and occupies a dominant position in India’s industrial structure. The textile industry occupies a unique place in the economy of the country by virtue of its contribution to the industrial output, employment generation and Foreign Exchan ... read full abstract ››

A Study Of The Beta Factor In The Mining Companies In The Vancouver Stock Exchanges

Date: 29-01-2014 13:39

This paper aimes to study the Beta factor specifically in the mining companies listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE), Canada. The Beta factor used in this paper is the one derived from theoretical time-series form of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) from May 1992 to March 1997.The sample of the study was divided into 6 groups according to certain characteristics o ... read full abstract ››

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