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Assessment Of Causes And Consequences Of Medical Staff Absenteeism And Turnover On Organazation In Case Of Arba Minch General Hospital

Date: 12-01-2014 14:14

It is a widely accepted fact that Africa, where Ethiopia is a part, takes the largest burden of most of the diseases in the world and contrary to this has the smallest share of health workers compared to its population. Together with these facts when there is no effective medical staff management system in the health institutions, one can imagine the level of crises the countr ... read full abstract ››

Assessment Of The Impact Of Employees Training And Development On Job Satisfaction In Case Of Gamo Gofa Zone Civil Service Office

Date: 12-01-2014 13:33

Understanding the phenomenon of employee training and development requires understanding of all the changes that take place as a result of learning. As the generator of new knowledge, employee training and development is placed within a broader strategic context of human resources management, i.e. global organizational management, as a planned staff education and development, ... read full abstract ››

A Comparative Study On Financial Perfromance Analyisis In Banking Sector

Date: 15-12-2013 19:24

The study intended to assess the financial performance analysis of selected Commercial Banks for periods of five years (2008-2012) in Ethiopia. These banks are Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Construction and Business Bank (CBB), Bank of Abyssinia(BOA), Awash International Bank(AIB) and United Bank (UB). It employed ten financial ratios to compare the trend analysis which w ... read full abstract ››

Intellectual Capital And Components Of Intellectual Capital In The Businesses

Date: 01-11-2013 06:28

Introduction :

In the millennium less people will do physical work and more people will do brain work. This is intellectual capital. It doesn’t appear on the company balance sheet but it has more value for organisations than physical assets. Economic wealth is driven more by knowledge and information than the production process. While past econom ... read full abstract ››

Earnings And Working Capital Management - Power Sector Companies Of India

Date: 18-08-2013 11:58

To start any business, First of all we need finance and the success of that business entirely depends on the proper management of day-to-day finance and the management of this short-term capital or finance of the business is called Working capital Management. W ... read full abstract ››

Working Capital Management of Power Sector Companies In India

Date: 15-08-2013 14:19

Introduction :

Working capital management Involves the relationship between a firm\'s short-term assets and its short-term liabilities. The goal of working capital management is to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient ability to satisfy both maturi ... read full abstract ››

A Study On Customers' Satisfaction Towards Banking Services Of Sbi In Kanyakumari District

Date: 25-06-2013 03:17

1.1 Introduction

The business of banking is as old as the civilization itself. The mere fact that the Babylonians, in 200 BC, lent money at higher rates of interest against gold and silver under the temple’s safe custody, stands proof for banking history. In ancient days, the main function of banks was granting loans to individuals or the state in times of crisis ... read full abstract ››

Lincoln: Neuroeconomic Cause For A Nation

Date: 24-01-2013 23:37


LINCOLN: Neuroeconomic Cause For A Nation


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The Organization, Operational Practices And Problems Of Auto Repair Shops And Its Impact To The Development Of Kalinga-apayao

Date: 13-01-2013 14:01


1.  Problem


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Trade, Diversification And Economic Performance

Date: 13-10-2012 16:48
In this paper we ask a somewhat different question. In the literature it has been stated that
financial liberalization can be beneficial if countries meet certain macro and microeconomic
conditions so that they can enjoy the benefits of higher liquidity and more options for risk
sharing. Could it be the same case for the gains from ... read full abstract ››