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Does Emigration Reduce Unemployment? Lessons From The Philippines

Date: 13-10-2012 16:17
This paper analyses the effect of emigration on unemployment in the Philippines. Taking the current financial crisis as an exogenous shock to the number of Filipino emigrants, we run a difference-in-difference regression at the regional level to estimate the effect of a reduction in emigration on unemployment. We do not find evidence that emigration has an impact on unemployment.

Neuroeconomics View Of Bankers’ Pay: Earned Or Burned?

Date: 03-07-2012 20:16
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of evidence that bankers with good reputations 1. [earned] >establishing active returns naturally enhancing dividends versus their rivals that 2. [burned] > built unsavory returns naturally eroding dividends.
Design/methodology/approach – The paper presents neuroeconomic answers about th ... read full abstract ››

Neuroeconomic Functioning And Market Health: A [map] > Market Active Pattern Of Adaptability

Date: 16-06-2012 18:36
Ronnie C. Wright, Acroneticist/Neuroeconomist


Fine Fitness Foundation, Neuroeconomic Center - Beverly Hills, California 90210.


Recent evidence s ... read full abstract ››

Unlocking Energy Efficiency Market In India's Sme Sector

Date: 13-06-2012 07:26

In my recommendations, I have attempted to work out a possible line of action that the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) should adopt in order to bring about market transformation for energy efficient economic development in India as has been envisaged in the BEE\'s mission document on Enhanced Energy Efficiency. In this process I have pointed out certain inconsistencies in th ... read full abstract ››

The Impact Of Economic Integration In The East African Communityeast Africa

Date: 07-02-2012 11:13

Regional integration refers to a process in which states enter into a regional agreement for the purpose of promoting cooperation through institutions and rules. Various studies have shown that regional integration has many political and economic advantages for all member states of the region.
This research studies the effects of   Economic Integration .The res ... read full abstract ››

Article On Traditional Commerce And E-commerce – Advantages And Disadvantages In The Society

Date: 11-12-2011 03:51

In many cases business processes use traditional commerce activities very effectively, and these processes cannot be improved upon through technology. Products that buyers prefer to touch, smell, or examine closely are difficult to sell using electronic commerce. For example, customers might be reluctant to buy high-fashion clothing and perishable food products, such as meat o ... read full abstract ››

Empirical Analysis Of China-africa Economic And Trade Cooperation For Good Or Bad: A Case Of Tanzania

Date: 18-11-2011 04:56

This study investigated China-Africa Economic and Trade ties taking Tanzania as the case study and the prime objective was to identify the main drivers for the bilateral trade and the benefits of the ties. The study draws theoretical framework from Realism, Dependency and Marxist theories of Imperialism. The dependency theory explains underdevelopment while the Marxist explain ... read full abstract ››

Trade Liberalization And Employment Performance Of Textile And Clothing Industry In Tanzania

Date: 07-11-2011 14:02

The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of trade liberalization on employment performance of textile and clothing industry in Tanzania. The basic issues of concern are that the implementation of trade liberalization has impact on employment of textile industry in Tanzania; and a reduction in the effective rate of protection and trade reforms are associated wit ... read full abstract ››

Corporate Governance, Ifrs Adoption And Earnings Quality: A Comparative Analysis Between A Common Law And A Code Law Country

Date: 13-10-2011 12:55

The thesis examines the efficacy of a firm’s corporate governance and board structure in curbing earnings  management and whether it is affected by the legal jurisdiction in which the firm operates. It also investigates whether IFRS adoption affects the results and takes the opportunity to contribute evidence of the effect of IFRS introduction on ... read full abstract ››

Mergers And Acquisitions In The European Airline Sector

Date: 02-09-2011 10:47

This thesis will examine Mergers and Acquisitions in the airline sector in the EU. The aviation industry is a unique sector in the economy. This industry is also an unstable and unpredictable business. Most empirical researches on M&A activity have looked at aggregated data and combined sectors. This thesis tries to investigate the M&A‟s in a specific sector as the a ... read full abstract ››