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The Balanced Scorecard: Does It Improve Performance?

Date: 13-06-2011 22:38

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Earnings And Working Capital Management Of Power Sector Companies In India

Date: 07-06-2011 07:08

In the modern industrial world the problem of efficient financial management is of prime importance. The efficiency of an organization is measured in terms of certain parameters such as profit/ earnings, management of working capital and payments made to investors in the form of dividend etc., the giant structure of any enterprise including power sector industry can only be bu ... read full abstract ››

Accounting Software Users Satisfaction With Special Reference To Tally

Date: 06-06-2011 12:47

Customer focus and satisfaction is a driving force for organizations gearing up for surviving or thriving in the 21st century.  Those that are truly doing they have turned into consistently high performers.  The companies emphasize service quality in their strategy, giving customers, what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

A philos ... read full abstract ››

Socio- Economic Dimensions Of The Textile Workers A Case Study Of Dindigul District In The State Of Tamilnadu

Date: 04-06-2011 07:32


The economic wealth of the working person depends on the work of the individual. The work also alters the social hierarchy of the individuals. Hence every individual employee expects social as well as the provision of higher economic status from the work or occupation. The economic growth of a country depends on the rate of industrializati ... read full abstract ››

Barriers to foreign direct investment in South Africa and the implications for corporate attraction strategies

Date: 19-05-2011 00:44

For many decades, inequality in the distribution of foreign direct investment (FDI) amongst nations has proved an intractable problem.

This thesis attempts to contribute to previous studies in relation to South Africa, examining and evaluating the roles of several FDI determinants inadequately explored in the literature.

Despite normalisation of international r ... read full abstract ››

The Economic & Profitability Impact of Mergers & Acquisitions among Banks in Lebanon

Date: 15-08-2010 03:44

The Lebanese banking industry is one of most prosperous and flourishing industries in Lebanon. Despite the political and economic turbulence that strikes this country, this industry remains solid and prosperous. Mergers and Acquisitions had their direct positive impact on the performance of this industry despite some repercussions. This study that applies the operating perform ... read full abstract ››


Date: 27-06-2010 22:55

This article is related to the risks of uncertainty, and within it we examine the aspects of incorporating risk into decision making. To be more specific, we use the expected values and examine the potential impact of any available additional information regarding the decision under consideration. For a better understanding we will take in consideration an artificial scenario. ... read full abstract ››

Capital Assets Pricing Model

Date: 27-06-2010 22:52

This article introduces the WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital), CAPM (Capital Assets Pricing Model) and their components, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of using each model within the investment appraisal. Each model is taking in consideration the return and its associated risk. The return is generally a function of risk and is influencing the management dec ... read full abstract ››

A Study on the Development of Tourism Entrepreneurship in Assam, with Special Reference to Accommodation Industry

Date: 16-06-2010 10:58

Introduction Assam, as one of the prominent States of the North Eastern Region (NER) of India, has every scope of being the chosen destination of tourists because of its natural beauty, rich tourism products, ethnic diversity, and uncharted mysteries. Despite resource abundance, Assam is almost insignificant in the beneficiary list of Indian tourism industry.

The share ... read full abstract ››

New Approach To Financial Markets

Date: 14-03-2010 15:59

As we have new approach and insight look to the Financial markets and realize the concept. Nevertheless we understand the problem of being Doing business in financial marketing in unhealthy Economical and financial way which is essential to Understand and solve, to understand we used the logic And scientific method that there will be no doubt. Here now we seek solution, though ... read full abstract ››

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