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Does a demographic characteristic matter among Jordanian consumer ethnocentrism?

Date: 12-01-2009 08:00

Despite the progress on globalization, have we reached an era where geographical borders become less important as consumers across nations are becoming more homogeneous? As globalization forces intensified, are consumers concerned which country produces the product? To which extent consumers prefer domestic products as opposed to foreign? This study attempts to investigate lev ... read full abstract ››

Tourism and consumer ethnocentrism An empirical analysis of Jordanian consumers

Date: 12-01-2009 07:58


To examine the antecedents of consumer ethnocentrism, specifically with respect to Jordanian consumers’ attitudes toward foreign products.


Antecedents identified from the literature are allocated to one of three main constructs: interest in foreign travel, negative attitudes t ... read full abstract ››

Consumer ethnocentrism in Malaysia

Date: 12-01-2009 07:57

This research has the purpose of validating the antecedents of consumer ethnocentrism in light of customer behavior in transitional economies country of one ASEAN developing county, which has attracted the attention of foreign investors and marketers. Malaysia was realized in 2003 ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), which brings foreign products to Malaysian consumers with more affo ... read full abstract ››

A less developed country perspective of consumer ethnocentrism Does interest in travel, negative attitude of tourists, or conservatism matter?

Date: 12-01-2009 07:54

Much research relating to consumer attitudes toward foreign products has been conducted in large industrialized countries, with big internal markets and a wide range of domestic brands. Little attention has been paid to the case of LDC countries with high levels of foreign trade. This paper seeks to examine and validate the antecedents’ construct of consumer ethnocentris ... read full abstract ››

Validity Test of Cetscale in Jordan for Consumer Ethnocentrism

Date: 12-01-2009 07:40

Before the CETSCALE can be used as a measure of consumer ethnocentrism on an international basis, it is necessary to assess its validity and reliability in as many countries and different conditions as possible. The modified Consumer Ethnocentric Tendencies Scale (CETSCALE), a 17-item measure of consumer ethnocentrism, was subjected to a validation test in Jordan. Confirmatory ... read full abstract ››

Role of micro credit in poverty alleviation

Date: 31-10-2008 10:59

The study tries to look at the impact of micro credit on the lives of the poor people. There are different views on micro credit as a powerful development tool regarding its success in developing the lives of the poor and some times these views are contradictory. However poverty is a global issue; it is a problem that even the wealthiest nation is facing. In this scenario coun ... read full abstract ››

Don Bosco Technical School PNH: A Situational Survey and Strategic Analysis

Date: 08-05-2006 01:37

Don Bosco Technical School in Phnom Penh is a typical example of a long-running non-profit institution in Cambodia. In this part of the world it is plainly called an NGO – a non-governmental organization. It provides vocational skills training education to some four hundred out-of-school youth every year. And yet it does not charge for tuition. Nay more it even provides ... read full abstract ››

A Rating Agency in Maltese Financial Markets its Introduction and Implications

Date: 06-07-2005 13:53

Credit rating agencies attempt to provide independent reports on the credit worthiness of a range of institutions, governments, public bodies, and international and domestic active companies.

The study analyses the possible ways of introducing and establishing a rating agency in the Maltese financial markets and the benefits or otherwise for the financial market pa ... read full abstract ››

Climate Change and Indian Dairy Sector: A Study of Baseline Scenario of Methane Emissions

Date: 11-04-2005 06:48

Methane is the most important greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted from the livestock sector. In India, this sector has the potential to attract foreign capital for projects that can mitigate methane emissions together with meeting the country’s sustainable development goals, under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. The baseline setting – delineat ... read full abstract ››

Consolidation of European Financial Markets

Date: 15-09-2004 22:04

Pan-European trading, where European companies of various nationalities will trade on the same exchanges, will obviously happen, with Europe moving closer to financial and economic integration.

The single currency has been a key issue in Europe. This has given a boost to cross-border investment, encouraging people to view Europe as one market and to demand the infr ... read full abstract ››

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