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Influences of Cultural Diversity on Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Culture - Challenges, Benefits and Managerial Implications

Date: 19-10-2003 12:35

This dissertation is essentially aimed at determining and examining how internationally operating companies deal with cultural diversity as an influential factor for their corporate philosophies and corporate cultures. The concepts of corporate philosophy and corporate culture have long been acknowledged in strategic management literature. Similarly, the internationalisation o ... read full abstract ››

Accounting for Youth Voluntary Organizations

Date: 15-10-2003 17:38

The Maltese youth generation is under scrutiny all the time, but one of the most positive factors is the altruism shown and active participation in youth voluntary organizations.

Since the number of youth organizations is relatively impressive, it is important to examine the financial issues that are present in the local scenario. Although these youth groups are vol ... read full abstract ››

Competition in Maltese Banking

Date: 14-10-2003 15:01

The main objective of this thesis is to analyse the Maltese banking sector with respect to competition. Four major competitive forces seem to be driving a change and an intensified level of competition within local banks. Liberalisation, Globalisation, Securitisation, and Institutionalisation of funds are driving our way into an increased competitive market. The Maltese market ... read full abstract ››

Analytical Review Procedures and Local Auditing Practices

Date: 14-10-2003 12:55

Analytical review procedures are techniques applied to improve the efficiency of audits. Analytical review procedures range from the naive to sophisticated statistical approaches: ratio, trend and regression analysis are some typical analytical review procedures. Since, analytical review procedures rely on assumptions about the underlying data, they must be used cautiously and ... read full abstract ››

The Applicability of Web Assurance Services in Malta

Date: 18-09-2003 15:03

The eCommerce market is expanding at an accelerated rate. Nevertheless, many believe that this new business arena will not reach its full potential until customers perceive that the risks of doing business electronically have been reduced to an acceptable level. Internet users need the assurance of an objective third party. A website seal of assurance symbolizes the provision ... read full abstract ››

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