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Malta's Rural Settlements a Decade After the Establishment of Temporary Provisions Schemes

Date: 07-10-2003 16:31

Rural settlements, particularly the so-called “hamlets”, are a striking feature within the Maltese countryside. Their condition has been overlooked over the years despite efforts undertaken in order to direct development into existing or planned urban areas through the formulation of 1988 Temporary Provisions Schemes, and later, the establishment of a Structure Pla ... read full abstract ››

Improving exterior lighting practices in the Maltese islands by cutting down on energy consumption, glare and light pollution.

Date: 25-09-2003 13:15

Environmental impacts from building engineering services have been the subject of research for many years. However, one aspect largely ignored locally is that of light pollution from badly-designed outdoor lighting schemes. This is an environmental nuisance and generates glare, energy waste, an increased financial cost, sky glow and a degradation of the nighttime environment. ... read full abstract ››

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