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Disc Golf Course Design: Inscribing Lifestyle

Date: 20-12-2013 08:08

Disc golf emerged as one of several alternative lifestyle sports from the countercultural social movement of the 1960s and its popularity has steadily grown while other postmodern recreation forms have faded or plateaued (Wheaton 2004). As an accessible, malleable form of outdoor recreation its appeal can be explained by the sense of place elicited from direct engagement with ... read full abstract ››

Problems Of Integrated Transport Development In Kharkiv City

Date: 03-04-2013 22:48

Global experience reveals that characteristic tendency of modern cities is sustainable growth in the level of motorization. Regardless of the size of the city, population, geography and administrative importance - objective reality is constant increase of vehicles quantity. The rates of this growth are different, because it directly depends on the state of the economy (and, th ... read full abstract ››

An Evaluation Of How Children And Young People Can Be Motivated In Taking Part In The Planning Decision Making Process In England.

Date: 01-10-2011 04:47

For any development to be considered truly sustainable there is a requirement of young people to get involved in taking decisions right from the initial stages. This will ... read full abstract ››

A Bridge of Sustainable Urban Greening

Date: 26-04-2007 16:59

Urban growth causes various environmental problems. In order to ameliorate this problem,the idea of the compact city has been introduced nowadays. However, densification can imply a loss of other important urban quality factors, such as green spaces. and high pressures has been input. A disconnection of urban green structure. Parks, green spaces and trees are more than the &ld ... read full abstract ››

Daylighting in Schools For The Future

Date: 17-05-2005 03:48

Section 1. A brief history of daylight in schools. Explaining its political/critical strategies and the natural tendency for people to turn towards the source of light, or as it is called “phototropism” and its importance in the design of lighting in schools, the determinations between quantity and quality daylighting.

Section 2. The study of the 1960s S ... read full abstract ››

The Co-ordination of Services Utilities in Public/Private Capital Projects. A local Perspective

Date: 16-07-2004 12:14

For the past few decades, Malta has been suffering from a deterioration of quality roads. The fact that roads are disrupted just after a few weeks of completion and unnecessary delays has been criticised heavily by the local media and road users. In fact, the roads’ problems always feature prominently in surveys regarding the general problems of this island. Various effo ... read full abstract ››

Recycling of Waste Concrete as Aggregate

Date: 18-10-2003 18:40

The construction industry persists in a massive over production of primary aggregates. This has caused the depression of primary aggregate prices which in turn leads to the serious under-utilization of secondary and recycled aggregates – valuable resources which are simply being wasted.

Currently, C & D waste generated on our islands is managed through it ... read full abstract ››

Crystalline: A quest in the realms of structure, skin and space. The physical and meta-physical aspects of transparency, theories, interpretations and re-interpretations

Date: 18-10-2003 14:53

Throughout the first two chapters I will pursue a Hegelian History and Theory approach , where the objective is to find the ‘spirit of the age’ in the use of glass architecture. An analysis of the influence of the use of glass in buildings and the motives of its employment throughout Paris shows the fruition of a general outcry for the use of transparent materials. ... read full abstract ››

Malta's Rural Settlements a Decade After the Establishment of Temporary Provisions Schemes

Date: 07-10-2003 16:31

Rural settlements, particularly the so-called “hamlets”, are a striking feature within the Maltese countryside. Their condition has been overlooked over the years despite efforts undertaken in order to direct development into existing or planned urban areas through the formulation of 1988 Temporary Provisions Schemes, and later, the establishment of a Structure Pla ... read full abstract ››

Improving exterior lighting practices in the Maltese islands by cutting down on energy consumption, glare and light pollution.

Date: 25-09-2003 13:15

Environmental impacts from building engineering services have been the subject of research for many years. However, one aspect largely ignored locally is that of light pollution from badly-designed outdoor lighting schemes. This is an environmental nuisance and generates glare, energy waste, an increased financial cost, sky glow and a degradation of the nighttime environment. ... read full abstract ››

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