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Music Therapy: Enriching Everyday Life

Date: 06-11-2008 02:50

You have just been fired from your job. You are confused, upset and angry. You get into your car and slam the door. Tears are flowing from your eyes as your heart is beating faster and faster. Thoughts are racing through your mind. You have a family to provide for and a mortgage to pay off. You had not expected this. Not now, not ever.

Suddenly your favorite song s ... read full abstract ››

Cannibals, Kings and Travelers: Anthropophagy in Shakespeare, Melville and Conrad

Date: 21-09-2008 18:07

Cannibalism has both a social function and meaning. It serves as taboo, opposite of civilization, but at the same time has a social meaning. In essence, cannibalism is an act performed to in either way serve a social goal, whether it is to revenge on enemies, to survive as a species or as individual. It is the worst taboo in civilized societies, but also the most fascinating a ... read full abstract ››

Use of music therapy to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in palliative care

Date: 31-10-2006 01:53

This research project concerns the effect of music therapy sessions on the quality of life people suffering from cancer disease. This pilot study was conducted with patients of Oncology Palliative Care Department an organization providing services to advanced cancer patients and their families in Poznañ. The program in music therapy of cancer patients was begun last yea ... read full abstract ››

Asia Pacific Studies

Date: 13-06-2006 13:43

This thesis examines international migration and societal change that have taken place in the Kingdom of Tonga. It sets out to show the enormous complexity of the phenomenon, by examining various theories and factors relating to international migration, particularly as they relate to Tongan society. Its significance rests in the attempt to analyze migration in the light of the ... read full abstract ››

Computational Linguistics and Lexicography: English Monolingual General Purpose Doctionaries Freely Available on the Internet

Date: 15-04-2006 14:00

Monolingual general purpose dictionaries have been chosen as a subject of this thesis because of their special position in all societies, and in the English-speaking community in particular. Owing to the numerous influences on the language in different parts of the world, English has probably the richest vocabulary of all languages, but it has never been possible to establish ... read full abstract ››

A Comparative Study on Augustine's and Wesley's Concepts of Prevenient Grace

Date: 16-03-2006 14:57

This thesis is an explorative study to compare Augustine and Wesley’s concepts of prevenient grace, in order to find out their similarities and differences. The study reveals 16 similarities and 11 differences between Augustine’s and Wesley’s concepts of prevenient grace. From these findings, this thesis further infers that some kinds of relationships exist b ... read full abstract ››

Nigeria's Oda to African Countries

Date: 15-03-2006 20:27

The study set out to analyse the historical conditions upon which Nigeria’s foreign assistance programmes and policies evolved and has developed. Given that foreign aid is only an instrumentation of a state’s foreign policy and that foreign policy encapsulates all that the state projects and seeks to achieve in the international environment, the study sought to ide ... read full abstract ››

Disengaging the Periphery: Akutagawa Ryunosuke and the Literature of Distraction

Date: 11-02-2006 01:13

This paper makes the assertion that Japan’s initial bifurcated geographic disposition, with its emphasis on immobility and separation, provides a frame of reference for evaluating other aspects of traditional Japanese culture—in particular, its literature—as well as a way of apprehending individual meaning-making in pre-Meiji Japan. In arguing that this struc ... read full abstract ››

Surprise! Interactions with surprising objects to create memorable experiences

Date: 25-08-2005 12:40

The project is an exploration of the use of surprising elements in design and the effect the surprises can have on emotional attachment and the memory of the experience.
Surprise is an emotion that is used in very explicit ways in personal interactions and in narrative media, yet its effects when applied to design have not been studied in detail. This study concerns itse ... read full abstract ››

Narnia™: The Branding of C.S. Lewis’ Literary Classics

Date: 08-07-2005 01:33

If Aslan could see what HarperCollins is doing to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series, he would be furiously shaking his mane in rage and disapproval. Since The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was first published in 1950, the books have met with critical acclaim and sold over 65 million copies in 30 languages. However, for HarperCollins, this isn’t enough. Si ... read full abstract ››

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