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Social Cognition as a Predictor of the Writing of Students Using English as a Second Language in Freshman English Compostion

Date: 08-11-2005 12:55

Sixty-two (62) nonnative English speaking students in six freshman composition classes at one university were sampled to obtain a sample size of 43. Subjects wrote on two essay topics, and answered questions from three social cognitive assessment instruments. One secondary teacher and one college professor rated the writing. All data were analyzed using three statistical metho ... read full abstract ››

Person-Organization Fit: Its Implications Towards The Organizational Culture of Western Mindanao State University

Date: 29-10-2005 04:07

This study is an exploratory research of two phases using the mixed method design in data collection. It aimed to determine the value congruence between the perceived and the preferred organizational values in a school organization, and endeavored to ascertain the factors that affect the development of an organizational culture characterized by a greater degree of congruence b ... read full abstract ››

SEC Physics 2003: A Study

Date: 01-10-2005 16:00

The aim of the study is to conduct an analysis of various aspects of the SEC Physics May 2003 examination. These include the quality of the examination questions and the paper, achievement by gender and by type of school and choice of Paper 2.

The study also contains an item and error analysis paying special attention to whether students found any mathematical diff ... read full abstract ››

Children Eating Out How Healthy is Their Menu and How Can It Improve?

Date: 07-09-2005 02:38

This study utilised triangulation as the research design, involving content analysis and three surveys leading to the production of an educational video. The study started by identifying the current situation in the Maltese islands regarding what restaurants are offering to children on their menus. Menus were gathered from family-style restaurants, fast-food outlets, pizzerias ... read full abstract ››

Educational and Career Aspirations Among Secondary School Girls in Nyeri District

Date: 05-09-2005 11:07

This study explores educational and career aspirations among secondary school girls in Nyeri District, Kenya. Data was collected from ten secondary schools selected through stratified and purposive sampling methods to cater for the diverse nature of secondary schools in Kenya. Findings draw upon responses to questionnaires and individual interviews involving Form One and Form ... read full abstract ››

Channeling and Choosing our Future Champions

Date: 03-09-2005 11:53

The increased quest for international sporting success has inevitably meant that the role of the education system in Malta in contributing to elite success becomes the subject of considerable debate. The focus of this paper is to first explore the current situation with regards to opportunities for student-athletes to practice and participate in competitive sport. Ethical issu ... read full abstract ››

P.S.D. Lesson Plans for Children of Prisoners

Date: 01-09-2005 23:23

Children of incarcerated parents are often referred to as the ‘hidden victims’. They have not committed any crime, yet they have to suffer an incredible punishment. Often these children are confused and have mixed feelings. They might be angry at their parent for the crime committed but, at the same time, they still love their parent and want to be with him. Someti ... read full abstract ››

Characteristics and Needs of the Adult Distance Learner: A Case Study

Date: 25-08-2005 22:47

The sample population of this study was composed of one group. The subjects (approximately n=25) studied were professional, graduate level distance learners and were selected from a School of Education at a major research university. The students studied were enrolled in a course on Technology in Contemporary Education and Training. The course was a distance-learning course th ... read full abstract ››

Scaffolding of collaborative decision-making on environmental dilemmas

Date: 12-08-2005 11:45

The thesis investigated the process of teaching environmental decision-making skills by collaborative learning methods in synchronous network-based medium. The main focus was on clarifying the tutor’s role as the mediator of environmental negotiation practices, evaluating the changes in learners’ environmental competencies due to scaffolding, and concretizing the s ... read full abstract ››

Research Culture in State Higher Education Institutions (SHEIs) in Region IV: Proposed Research Program for Institutional Research Development

Date: 29-06-2005 13:10

The study sought to describe, analyze, and interpret the status of research culture in state higher education institutions in Region IV in the Philippines in relation to the dependent variable-components such as research capability, research output, research dissemination, and research utilization as influenced by the independent variables such as the institutional research pr ... read full abstract ››

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