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A Study of Remote Management and Fault-Diagnosis for Enterprise Storage Systems by Liam Rainford

Date: 13-09-2005 15:43

This study considers the challenges of managing and maintaining enterprise computer storage systems. These storage systems are comprised of SCSI and Fibre Channel hard drives configured as direct attached, network attached or storage area network devices. Primary among the challenges are the problems of efficiently detecting and predicting device failures and expediting recove ... read full abstract ››

Program-Oriented Methods and Measuring Instruments for Frequency-Time Parameters of Electric Signals

Date: 21-07-2005 15:33

This thesis describes theory, simulation and practical realisation of novel program-oriented self-adopted methods for frequency-to-code conversion. Due to these methods the minimum possible hardware, constant quantization error in all measuring range and non-redundant time of measurement were achieved. These methods can be used for different smart sensors signal processing and ... read full abstract ››

An Explication of Airfoil Section Bending-Torsion Flutter

Date: 18-07-2005 18:05

This thesis examines the dynamic instability known as flutter using a two-degree-of-freedom airfoil section model in both quasi-steady and unsteady flow. It explains the fundamental forces and moments involved in the bending-torsion flutter of an airfoil section, and demonstrates a solution method for determining the critical flutter frequency and speed for both flow cases. Ad ... read full abstract ››

Graph Spectra and Modal Dynamics of Oscillatory Networks

Date: 21-12-2004 03:38

Our research focuses on developing design-oriented analytical tools that enable us to better understand how a network comprising dynamic and static elements behaves when it is set in oscillatory motion, and how the interconnection topology relates to the spectral
properties of the system. Such oscillatory networks are ubiquitous, extending from miniature electronic circui ... read full abstract ››

Experimental Investigation Of Heat Transfer Augmentation In a Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

Date: 05-06-2004 14:00

Heat transfer with laminar flow has wider applications in various field of engineering such as chemical industries, desalination plants, solar energy collectors etc. Improvement to increase the heat transfer rate in existing heat exchangers becomes essential with increase in operational time of heat exchanger because of factors like fouling and scaling. Various techniques have ... read full abstract ››

Design, Construction And Testing Of Tooling To Be Used With A Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Date: 25-04-2004 21:14


Automation has been essential in the development of fast and efficient production in manufacturing industries. Part feeding is an important element in an automated system. It involves in orienting the parts and feeding them in such a way that these can be easily manipulated by the automated system. Vibratory bowl feeders are often used to so ... read full abstract ››

Data Transmission over a 10GHz Point-to-Point Microwave Channel

Date: 17-10-2003 14:36

Microwave links offer high speed connections with minimum deployment time resulting in significant savings compared to traditional leased line connections. The purpose of this project was to design and implement a 10 GHz microwave data transceiver.

The transceiver is connected to a 10Mbps ethernet card enabling the transfer of data between two nodes at very high sp ... read full abstract ››

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