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Transaction-Oriented Simulation In Ad Hoc Grids

Date: 26-03-2007 11:00

Computer Simulation is an important area of Computer Science that is used in many other research areas like for instance engineering, military, biology and climate research. But the growing demand for more and more complex simulations can lead to long runtimes even on modern computer systems. Performing complex Computer Simulations in parallel, distributed across several proce ... read full abstract ››

Geographic Information System-based integrated road crash data system

Date: 06-02-2007 15:20

Geographic Information System-based integrated road crash data system can be used for mitigating road safety problems. The crash data system in Kenya has mainly been paper-based with no location referencing. The paper-based crash data system, in itself has presented a number of problems, leading to inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent decisions being arrived at. The result ... read full abstract ››

National Strategic Framework on eGovernance Projects in Nepal

Date: 07-11-2006 12:19

The advent of ICT has brought about a challenge to the developing countries like Nepal to appropriate and adapt the global knowledge available in developed countries. To avoid re-inventing the wheel or re-create existing knowledge and waste time, effort and money in the process, we should, with technological competence grab the opportunities offered by ICT. This highly leverag ... read full abstract ››

A Swarm-Based Model for Increasing Impulse Shopping in Supermarkets

Date: 18-08-2006 21:12

In today's supermarket multi-billion dollar industry, impulse shopping accounts for 2 out of 3 purchases. The phenomenon is so prominent that some consider high levels of it to be a disorder in the same group as Pyromania (the impulse to burn things) and Kleptomania (the impulse to steal). Despite the current situation, most retail stores attempt to benefit from the fact that ... read full abstract ››

Towards e-Governance and Bridging the Digital Divide: A study on the Acceptability of Multipurpose Community Information and Telecenter (MCIT) Prototype by Barangays in selected Municipalities

Date: 13-07-2006 10:46

The main objective of the study is to design, develop and determine the acceptability of the Multipurpose Community Information and Telecenter (MCIT) prototype in building an information society towards E-Governance and bridging the digital divide.

The study encompassed the a) information management resources, practices, capabilities and its effects; b) extent of IC ... read full abstract ››

Low-Latency inter-thread communication over Gigabit Ethernet

Date: 01-07-2006 00:49

The increase in network capacity and computing power for commodity platforms has enabled the development of Networks of Workstations which have become affordable alternatives to dedicated parallel computers. The major challenge in using clusters of commodity platforms effectively is that commodity operating systems using conventional layered communication protocols such as TCP ... read full abstract ››

Intention to Shop Online Among University Students in Jordan

Date: 21-06-2006 02:50

As the Internet has grown dramatically every year since the beginning of the 1990s, and the diffusion of online buying transactions are readily accepted by consumers in some countries, in others consumers seem to be less accepting. On-line commerce through Internet is obtaining attention in Jordan moreover, until today we can observe the limitation for using the on-line shoppi ... read full abstract ››

Atomic Commit Protocols

Date: 11-04-2006 00:28

A transaction is a logical collection of tasks that must either complete successfully or unsuccessfully as a group. A system that provides tools to accomplish this is known as a transaction processing system.

In a distributed environment where the tasks that make up a transaction are distributed across physically distinct nodes, a protocol is required to decide if t ... read full abstract ››

PanelTalk :Design of a Virtual Agent-based Access Control and BuildingInformation System

Date: 01-01-2006 12:45

PanelTalk is a virtual agent-based access control and building information system this is a wall-mounted touch screen based system, and on the side of the screen there be an animated character, which responds with through voice.

PanelTalk is a multi-function system, which can provide different functions to the users, either its security or information. The basic ser ... read full abstract ››

Subject Mining advance Artificial Intelligence algorithm

Date: 08-08-2005 22:47

Subject mining will be the corner stone of search engines in the 21st Century. With the constant growth of data stores and the availability of technologies to the masses, it has become apparent that the best methods to conduct searches and return complex patterns is thru the usage of a new method of data extraction which I call Subject Mining.

Data mining has becom ... read full abstract ››

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