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The Role of Constitution in Democracy Development in Thailand

Date: 06-05-2007 08:32

The democracy is the Sovereignty of people. It is the governing of the people, by people, and for people. The democracy has the constitution as the supremacy in law which assures the right and liberty of the people. The law is provided to protect the right and liberty in order to reach the constitution’s purposes. The revolution political system can be developed correctl ... read full abstract ››

Jurisdictional Issues of Subcontracting war

Date: 20-03-2007 00:59

Historically, there is nothing new about the military’s use of private contractors. Although the history of mercenary forces stretches back at least 4000 years, the war in Iraq has seen outsourcing on an unprecedented scale. Unique is also the degree to which Private Security
Companies (PSCs) are demanding recognition as legally and morally legitimate entities. This ... read full abstract ››

The Right to Life unfer the European Convention on Human Rights – A Positive Obligation to Protect Life

Date: 28-08-2006 12:40

Article 2 is considered as one of the most important rights, which is inherent to human nature. The right to life is be considered to be a building block of all other rights. The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) does not protect life but rather it protects the right to life. The law of the State must afford such protection as an obligation towards humanity and the In ... read full abstract ››

The rights and immunities of the carrier under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1954 as amended till 1983 and proposals for reform

Date: 22-10-2003 18:44

Carriage of Goods by Sea, in particular, the rights and immunities of the carrier is but an aspect of Maritime Law which generates litigation. Attempts have constantly been made to create some form of legal uniformity within the area of Carriage of Goods by Sea, on an international level.

Although the Hague Rules were successful, conditions, time and progress in the ... read full abstract ››

Public Corporations

Date: 22-10-2003 03:23

Generally speaking any corporation is “a body corporate established by law” . Foreign authors, and some local ones, have written on the nature of the public corporation in an attempt to define what type of creature this body is. Public corporations are often termed as quangos or quasi-autonomous national governmental organisations. They normally stem from an activi ... read full abstract ››

Development Planning Legislation

Date: 22-10-2003 03:09

The concept of development planning, and the legislation thereof, has changed somewhat in its scope and dimension throughout the years, and what was meant as development planning fifty years ago does not necessarily equate with what we understand by this concept today. The earliest known local legislation to effect a form of planning in development dates back to the enactment ... read full abstract ››

Evidence by Affidavit in the Civil Court

Date: 14-10-2003 12:38

The introduction of the affidavit in Maltese civil procedure was very controversial. This was met with opposition by many lawyers and it is still perceived suspiciously. The thesis looks at the introduction of the affidavit and its effects.

In Chapter 1 a brief overview of the law of evidence in Malta is given. Evidence is the perm of every court case and thus it pl ... read full abstract ››

The Public Corporation in the Maltese Experience. A Case-Study in the Water Services Corporation

Date: 13-10-2003 14:25

In a modern state, it is quite impossible for all the powers of government to be exercised individually by the central authority. Therefore some of the powers of government must be entrusted to subordinate central or local agencies of government.

The creation of public corporations arose out of a combination of public ownership, public accountability and business ma ... read full abstract ››

The Liquidation of Damages under the Maltese system of Tort

Date: 13-10-2003 00:21

The nature of the law of tort, generally speaking, is to assess whether damage to the property, or person, of an individual has been caused by another. This seemingly simple statement conceals an immensely complex area of civil law, which attempts to establish the occurrence of such facts, and the responsibility of the parties to the case in assessing a quantity of monies to b ... read full abstract ››

The Right to a Proper and Effective Educational Experience

Date: 12-10-2003 23:57

The quest for knowledge knows its beginnings from the day Homo sapiens made his first step upon the sterile earth. It is his innate and insatiable curiosity for discovery and innovation that is the driving force behind this primitive, yet, though nonetheless, noble, search. Its origins lie in seeking to know more about the environment that he lives in. In this way, the more ma ... read full abstract ››

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