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Most Prevalent Animal Diseases And Their Seasonal Occurrences In East Wollega Ethiopia.

Date: 07-06-2016 12:49

Cross-sectional Study was Conducted aiming at determining the prevalence and Season of Occurrences of Major Livestock Diseases present in East Wollega Zone. Out of 1632 examined OIE Reports collected from 17 Woredas between January 2008 G.C untill December 2013 G.C 103 (21.78%), 102 (21.56%) ,74 (15.64%) ,44(9.3%),37(7.82%),34(7.19%),23(4.86%), 23(4.86%),14(2.96%),14(2.96),9(1 ... read full abstract ››

Yield Loss Assessment Of Soybean Crop Community As Affected By Varying Degree Of Leaf Pruning At Different Growth Stages

Date: 26-04-2016 18:49

This study was conducted at San Isidro Sur, Luna, Apayao from November 1, 2013 to February 8, 2014 to determine the yield loss of soybean crop community as affected by varying degree of leaf pruning at different growth stages.

The field with an area of 294.5 m2 was used in the study adopting the Factorial in Randomized Complete Block Design. The area was divided ... read full abstract ››

Varietal Evaluation Of Cassava (manihot Esculenta) As Affected By Different Fertilizer Application

Date: 26-04-2016 18:39

Varietal evaluation of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) as affected by different fertilizer application was conducted at Barangay Nueva, Sta. Marcela, Apayao from June to February 2016. The study having an area of 1000 m2 (4.5x4 per plot) was laid out in strip-plot design using three(3) replications. Three different fertilizers- zero fertilizer (F0), Organic fertilizer 50% rice hul ... read full abstract ››

Growth Performance Of Rabbit (oryctolagus Cuniculus) As Affected By Different Mixed Ration

Date: 26-04-2016 18:30

Generally, the study aimed to determine the growth performance of rabbits as affected by different mixed ration and specifically, it aimed to find out the best mixtures in the ration and determine if there are significant differences on the growth and performance of rabbits as affected by different mixed rations in terms of initial weight, weekly weight, final weight, feed con ... read full abstract ››

Effect Of Different Botanical Pesticides In Controlling Golden Apple Snail

Date: 26-04-2016 18:19

The study was conducted to determine the effect of the different botanical pesticides in controlling golden apple snail. This was conducted at Sta. Lina, Luna, Apayao from February 3 to February 21, 2014.

Laboratory and Field Experiment methods were used in the study. Two different methods were done because laboratory experiment was just served as trial in order ... read full abstract ››

Varietal Trial Of Peanut (arachis Hypogeal) Under Marginal Soil In Luna, Apayao

Date: 26-04-2016 18:06

This study was conducted at San Isidro Sur , Luna, Apayao from October 2013 to February 2014 to determine which variety of peanut can be adopted in our locality.

A field with an area of 144 sq. m was used in the study using the Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) and it was divided into five equal blocks. Each block was divided into three equal plots for the ... read full abstract ››

An Assessment Among Stated Disability Guidelines At Tesco And The Real Practice Of Workers.

Date: 05-03-2016 00:08

This article is a comprehensive opinionated study of Tesco supermarket ltd significant on behalf of the staffing individuals by means of disabilities and the occurrence of its function in run through will influence the conclusion. Applicant commencing persons having disabilities and Tesco's, retail, and people with disabilities in the labour marketplace is bit by bit managed t ... read full abstract ››

Behavioral, Biochemical, And Molecular Mechanisms Of Lead (pb+2)-mediated Long-term Memory Impairment In The Adult Rat Brain

Date: 27-02-2016 01:29

Lead (Pb+2) is a metal ion, which is widely distributed in environment due to natural sources, but mainly due to anthropogenic releases. There is large amount of literature related to the toxicological effects of Pb+2 after acute exposure. However, less is known about the effects of low-level chronic exposure to Pb+2. The central nervous system is the most sensitive to the tox ... read full abstract ››

A Proposed Service Quality Training Program Plan For Frontline Non-teaching Employees Of Sucs In Region Viii

Date: 21-02-2016 15:20

Employees are internal customers whose processes are aimed at satisfying the external customers.  Before an organization can satisfy its customers, it must first satisfy its own employees.  Management can obtain feedback on the effectiveness of its training and continuous improvement efforts via servers' self- assessment service quality impr ... read full abstract ››

Development Of Ethnic Identity Measure For Cordillera Indigenous People

Date: 03-02-2016 07:29

The purpose of the study is to develop then assess the factor structure, reliability and validity of the Ethnic Identity Measure for Cordillera Indigenous People (EIM for CIP). The initial 60-items were developed based on three factors: exploration, commitment and cultural practices. The item structure was reviewed by scale experts while the content was reviewed by a panel of ... read full abstract ››

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