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An Analysis of the Mental Health and Examination Anxiety of Boarders and Day Scholars Students of Public School

Date: 07-04-2011 15:49

The concept of mental health and anxiety is as old as human being. In recent years clinical psychologist as well as educationist has started giving proper attention to the study of mental health and various forms of anxiety. All of us have experienced some form anxiety in our lives. Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health problems. Exam anxiety is a common p ... read full abstract ››

Comparative Analysis of Academic Anxiety and Mental Health of Regular Male Participants in Sports in the Government & Private School of Uttar Pradesh

Date: 04-04-2011 14:56

Introduction:The concept of mental health and anxiety is as old as human being. In recent years clinical psychologist as well as educationist has started giving proper attention to the study of mental health and vari ... read full abstract ››

Teleworking - A balance between work and social life

Date: 16-02-2011 07:12

Teleworking is still in its embryonic stage in Malta, even thought its implementation is highly encouraged by the European Union (EU).

This quantitative research study was conducted among MEPA (Malta Environment and Planning Authority) employees.  The results show that there is willingness for teleworking to be adopted.  However, a lot of importance was ... read full abstract ››

A Comparative Study on Occupational Stress & Frustration Tolerance of Indian Security Forces: Delimited to BSF, CISF and PAC

Date: 04-02-2011 14:19

Statistics show that within the army and paramilitary force there have been more deaths in the recent past due to stress rather than combat. Occupational stress and low level of frustration are the two main root causes of suicides and shoot outs which are very pervasive in paramilitary and other security forces now a days. The purpose of this study was to compare occupational ... read full abstract ››

Computer Processing of Sanskrit Nominal Inflections: Methods and Implementation

Date: 01-02-2011 12:47

Computer Processing of Sanskrit Nominal Inflections: Methods and Implementation is a result of Research and Development (R&D) at the Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) level at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. The title of the dissertation was “Machine Recognition and Morphological Analysis of subanta-padas”. The work which is based on the reverse en ... read full abstract ››

El laberinto teatral de espejos digitales: La presentaciĆ³n de mexicano-americanos en Facebook

Date: 17-12-2010 17:11

Este trabajo explora las formas en las cuales mexicano-americanos universitarios actualmente viviendo en Estados Unidos, se presentan en un sitio de redes sociales, Facebook. Partiendo de los enfoques del interaccionismo simbólico, la fenomenología y la psicología social, investigamos cómo éstos incorporan la mexicanidad dentro de s ... read full abstract ››

The Effects of Personal Assistance with Activities of Daily Living and abuse on Women with Disabilities

Date: 07-11-2010 04:51

This study examined the data collected by the Michigan Study on Women with Physical Disabilities (2002) and accessed from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. The surveyed sample of 177 women with disabilities that included arthritis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, visual impairment, hearing impairment, traumatic brain injury and other condit ... read full abstract ››

Gendered Impact of Male Out-migration in Rural Households: A short review of literature

Date: 27-10-2010 19:56


This paper tries to examine some literatures in relation to the male out-migration and its subsequent impact on gender relation at household and the community level in the migrants’ place of origin. It is obvious that male out-migration has a significant impact on rural households particularly where agriculture is the mainstay of livi ... read full abstract ››

We Know What is Needed: The dynamics of development discourse in Kenyan fisheries

Date: 27-10-2010 19:25

This thesis aims to contribute to an important debate on the interconnections between people’s livelihoods and development intervention. It explores and analyzes a development intervention, discourses involved and people’s encounter at interfaces during interaction and negotiation processes in the everyday project practices using an anthropological approach. The st ... read full abstract ››

Inter-generational Changes in Mate Selection and Marriage Age in Urban Varanasi

Date: 18-10-2010 09:43

Marriage is one of the major events of life and the institution of marriage is immemorial which, in some form, is found everywhere. As long as the institution of marriage exists, the selection of a mate is an important aspect of the institution as we observe its’ universality. The institution of marriage mostly remained conservative. But with the ongoing changes and modi ... read full abstract ››

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