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Thai Tourism Industry Competitiveness in the Future

Date: 28-08-2010 04:03

This qualitative study aims to explore the international tourist perspectives to current tourism industry in Thailand, to investigate the competitiveness in Thai tourism market, and to explore the language roles in Thai tourism industry competitiveness in the future. The study was based on in-depth, web-cam interviews with a convenience sample of 42 international tourists. The ... read full abstract ››

Impact of Language and Cultures towards Customer Satisfaction in the Competitiveness of the Thai Tourism Industry

Date: 28-08-2010 03:43

Language and cultures become more and more important parts towards customer satisfaction. Understanding them well will never unsatisfy with some complex mistakes. The purposes of this paper are to study international tourists and tour company managers on customer satisfaction in the competitiveness of the Thai tourism industry with respect to the perspectives on the language r ... read full abstract ››

Language Roles and Model Tour Companies in the Competitiveness of the Thai Tourism Industry

Date: 28-08-2010 03:38

Language plays an important role in supporting the competitiveness of the Thai tourism industry. It facilitates communication among tourism staff and international tourists. However, students as prospective tourism staff are not competent to communicate successfully to global best practice standards. As part of acquiring competence in language skills, students should be traine ... read full abstract ››

To what extent can Tripink Media use onsite marketing and social media networks as a core strategy on a business to business level

Date: 27-08-2010 23:52

Tripink Media is a new mobile video advertising agency primarily targeting marketing, but also NGO professionals as well as business owners, offices and shops managers. This research has been conducted in order to evaluate and analyse the current onsite strategies used by the company and decide which ones should be kept, enhanced or implemented. As well as evaluating which soc ... read full abstract ››

Wind Funneling caused by protective shelter at Hagar Qim

Date: 20-08-2010 11:13

This is a study in the area of microclimate and aeolian processes causing weathering of the Globigerina limestone of the Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples. It is expected that since the shelter recently erected to protect the temples from the elements might be causing a convergence of wind streamlines and the consequent lowering of the air pressure, an increased wind velocity ma ... read full abstract ››

Emerging Laser Isotope Separation Technology and the Future of Nuclear Proliferation: An Interdisciplinary Exploration

Date: 12-08-2010 08:00

Laser isotope separation (LIS) is an emerging technology that uses relatively small, widely-available lasers to achieve civilian or weapons grade concentration of fissile material to fuel nuclear reactions.  To date only a few, limited proliferation risk analyses of LIS technology have been conducted.  This paper provides a historically and technically informed updat ... read full abstract ››

Economic Asessment on the Production and Marketing Practices used by Tilapia Farmers in the Municipality of Esperanza, Agusan del Sur

Date: 13-07-2010 07:41

The study was aimed to (1) evaluate the demographic profile of the respondents, (2) identify the common problems encountered by the tilapia producers in tilapia culture, (3) determine the marketing practices used by tilapia farmers in selling their products, (4) identify the problems encountered in marketing tilapia and (5) find out the net income per production cycle. Most ti ... read full abstract ››

Automatic Nominal Morphological Recognizer and Analyzer for Sanskrit: Method and Implementation

Date: 24-06-2010 11:12

The paper “Automatic Nominal Morphology Recognizer and Analyzer for Sanskrit: Method and Implementation” describes a system “Sanskrit Subanta Recognizer and Analyzer” developed for the degree of Master of Philosophy submitted to Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies (SCSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi .The system presents a model for Sansk ... read full abstract ››

Online Meter (chhanda) Information System for Sanskrit

Date: 24-06-2010 11:08

In this paper author presents a method to developing an “Online Meter Information System for Sanskrit”. Standard traditional works on meter are Pigala\'s Chandaśāstra and Kedāra\'s V•ttaratnākara. This is a substantially larger repertoire than in any other metrical tradition. Meter is a recurring pattern of stressed (accented, or long) and unstressed (u ... read full abstract ››

A Clerical Approach to Domestic Violence

Date: 26-04-2010 13:00

Research has shown that the Faith Community has a great amount of influence over a vast amount of people in Society.Throughout history the clergy were seen as sources of reference, advice, and encouragment in the lives of many. Domestic abuse has been around for ages as well, with it\'s roots being strongly tied into the Faith community.As times have changed for women and how ... read full abstract ››

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