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Protestantism and Gamonalism in Puno: 1900 - 1930

Date: 26-02-2005 15:49

The beginning of Twentieth Century saw mainly in the Aymara region of the Department of Puno two kinds of rural inhabitants characterized as “free indians” and the colonos. Both worked at traditional agricultural pursuits. The colonos owned neither land nor implements, and were themselves serfs on the haciendas or states of the gamonales. The “free indians&rd ... read full abstract ››

Big Pharma M&A- Growth Drivers or Resistors?

Date: 14-02-2005 17:57

Big Pharma (major pharma players) has unleashed a flurry of M&A activity, second only to the banking-finance sector, leading to a significant consolidation. This race for a place by Big Pharma would fuel future pharma M&A activity, which is increasing in deal size but reducing in frequency, with 1 mega merger every alternate year, since 2000.

Convergence ai ... read full abstract ››

Decentralization in the United States Employment Security Service Delivery System: An Approach to Reduce Unemployment

Date: 23-01-2005 20:56

The United States employment security service delivery system has been the major centerpiece of attempts to reduce the rate and duration of unemployment. Through the development of the system, there has been a trend from centralization by the federal partner toward decentralization of decision making, planning, and control to the state partner. This trend includes the followin ... read full abstract ››

Conflict Transformation Through Tourism

Date: 14-01-2005 11:35

With reference to modern peace research, peace is understood to depend on the creative and non-violent transformation of conflicts. The present research links this theory with the idea that on the personal level such conflict transformation builds emotional literacy - which in turn improves the person’s ability to handle further conflicts in non-violent ways. Thus, the p ... read full abstract ››

PharSights- Pharmaceutical Insights, Issues and Ideas

Date: 13-01-2005 14:34

As the young age faster and the old stay younger, the women’s health segment is emerging stronger. These key demographic shifts are driving the demand for lifestyle and lifecycle drugs. The information revolution is ensuring an inquisitive but enlightened and health conscious patient.

Dwindling growth rates, reduced margins and drug safety concerns are fuellin ... read full abstract ››

Historical Analysis of Inbound Visitation Patterns: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR

Date: 06-12-2004 05:55

The number of visitors to Hong Kong and Macau seems to be increasing throughout the last decade; however, since the handover to China these numbers seem to be fluctuating (Macau Government Tourist Office, 2003; Hong Kong Tourism Board, 2003). The change in the trend of travelling in the Asia and Pacific region and the fluctuation in the number of visitor arrivals in Hong Kong ... read full abstract ››

The Dialectics of Relief and Rehabilitation in Ongoing Conflict: A Mindanao Case

Date: 25-10-2004 12:30

This paper confronts the dilemmas in the provision of relief and rehabilitation assistance and seeks to build a framework for more effectively carrying out relief and rehabilitation assistance in the context of ongoing conflict in Mindanao, Philippines.

It initially provides for the issues and gaps in relief and rehabilitation assistance both in the global context i ... read full abstract ››

Intra-Ethnic Distinctions and Divisions: Intermediary Identification of 1.5 and Second-Generation Filipino Americans

Date: 17-09-2004 09:08

This thesis contributes to the general understanding of second-generation identity formation, specifically its intersection with inter-generational conflicts and intra-ethnic (same-group) variations in orientations. It explores the phenomenon among 1.5 and second-generation Filipino Americans born to the post-1965 wave of Filipino immigrants. Qualitative methods were used, spe ... read full abstract ››

Implementation of the Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents: A Critical Analysis

Date: 25-06-2004 11:00

The purpose of this dissertation is to analyse the implementation of the Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents, focusing on the roles of politicians, casualty investigating bodies and casualty investigation reports.

The implementation of Annex 1 to IMO Resolution A.849(20) as amended, may be weakened by excessive and inadequate political reac ... read full abstract ››

Information Systems Area Spin-off in a small sized (200 employees) company in Mexico

Date: 04-06-2004 21:45

The present work pretends to describe the set of steps and guidelines followed to perform a one-area spin-off in a small sized company in Mexico. The area in particular covered in this work is the Information Systems Department. Even when the work is covering a spin-off and for a technology area, it is the opinion of the author of this work that this same process can be follow ... read full abstract ››

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