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Causes and Distribution of Stress in Canvas Paintings

Date: 17-02-2004 11:41

Since the manufacturing technique of canvas paintings entails in having various layers of composite materials adhered together, any microclimate fluctuation causes a decrease or increase of stress throughout the whole painting. Each layer experiences a different degree of dimensional change with the alteration of its internal moisture and heat content.

Another stre ... read full abstract ››

Moses & Exodus: An experience of liberation

Date: 22-10-2003 03:37

The books of Moses are five in number, comprising the Pentateuch. The first book is basically a historical account of the genealogy of a people, who are to become a great nation ; with creation at the outset, and the entry into Egypt towards the end to settle in Goshen. It is the story of god’s intervention with a people he has chosen, and is continually testing their fa ... read full abstract ››

Simulation of Runoff Behaviour using the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) Rainfall-Runoff Model Burmarrad Cathment, Malta

Date: 16-10-2003 11:56

In this Dissertation, we will produce a simulation of the runoff that would be generated by particular rainfall events using the Soil Conservation Service model. A freeware software Storm Water Management and Design Aid (SMADA) was used as support. The simulated runoff will be compared with the actual runoff recorded at the Burmarrad runoff recording station. Data on rainfall ... read full abstract ››

The Impact of EU Membership on SME Internationalisation: the Case of the Furniture Industry in Malta

Date: 15-10-2003 14:43

In the run up to the general elections of 12th April 2003 and the EU referendum of the 8th March 2003 in Malta, much uncertainty existed in the country’s main sectors, particularly the manufacturing ones, on the future of SMEs, which make up a large proportion of the country’s business. Among the business community there were serious doubts on whether SMEs were cap ... read full abstract ››

Geographic Information System Based Manure Application Planning

Date: 28-09-2003 10:49

The disposal of animal waste has become a problem in many parts of the world due to the rapid growth in the number and the size of intensive animal industries. Safe waste disposal sites are rarely available and the relocation and/or treatment of animal waste is seldom economically viable. The reuse of animal waste for energy recovery and re-feeding is also not popular. Animal ... read full abstract ››

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