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Parkear Or Not Parkear, That's The Question: A Study About The Lexical Innovations Produced By Brazilian Immigrants In The Usa

Date: 28-01-2013 15:44

This thesis aims at studying the speech of Brazilian immigrants to the United States of America. The Brazilian immigrants use some lexical innovations which seem to be the result of language contact between Portuguese and English. These innovations have a certain regularity and are used only within the Brazilian community in the USA. Based on the variationist studies of Labov, ... read full abstract ››

“the Micro-credit Program Of The Department Of Trade And Industry (dti), Its Effect On The Growth Of The Non-government Organizations (ngo’s) In Region Ii”

Date: 20-01-2013 10:13
The study sought to obtain answers to the following questions:
1]   What is the profile of NGO’s before and after   infusion of DTI‘s   micro-credit program in terms
     of the following:
     1.1  Total Assets of NGO‘s
     1.2  Total Liab ... read full abstract ››

A Proposed Credit Cooperative For Tabuk Provincial Government Employees: A Feasibility Study

Date: 14-01-2013 10:46

1.  Problem

                This study entitled “A Proposed Credit Cooperative for Tabuk  Provincial Gove ... read full abstract ››

A Feasibility Study On Soybean Production Cum Processing: Its Impact To Regional Development”

Date: 12-01-2013 01:01



This study entitled: “A FEASIBILITY STUDY ON SOYBEAN PRODUCTION CUM PROCESSING: Its Impact to Regional Development” aims to explore the viability of producing soybeans in Isabela and processing the same for the consumption of region 02.

Specifically, the study endeavors to:

Present sufficient information and analyse ... read full abstract ››

The Status Of The University Cafeteria Services At Cagayan State University, Andrews Campus, Tuguegarao City

Date: 12-12-2012 13:06

The study was conducted to determine the  Status of the University Cafeteria Services at Cagayan State University, Andrews Campus, Tuguergarao  City.  The respondents of the study are the one hundred fifty students coming from the different colleges within the Andrews Campus.

The descriptive method of research was used in gathering the relevant data need ... read full abstract ››

An Analysis Of How Advertising Affect Females’ Selfimage; Specifically Focusing Upon Print Alcohol Advertisements

Date: 15-11-2012 17:32

Over the past 40 years advertising has grown rapidly, and today the advertising industry is worth
over $400 billion. Advertising therefore has a direct impact on people’s lives, and print alcohol
advertising is no exception.

Advertising often reflects societal beliefs, but these beliefs are often misleading. Adverts portray
flawless beauty in the f ... read full abstract ››

May Kredibilidad Ba Sila?: A Textual Analysis On The Credibility Of Radio Gay Anchors Of The Badtalks Of Dzrb Radyo Ng Bayan

Date: 03-11-2012 13:22
This study delves on the interplay between the radio industry and the gay anchors by filling the gap of reality that only few gay anchors ventured radio broadcasting.
This study’s main problem is assessed the perceived credibility of gay anchors in promoting and advocating Filipino arts and culture through their radio show, Badtalks. In doing this, the mann ... read full abstract ››

Optimization Of Diagnostics And The Medical Correction Of Biliary Tract Dysfunction

Date: 24-07-2012 19:21

This thesis contributes knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of biliary tract dysfunction. The research broadens what is known about the physiological background of biliary tract motility and pathogenetic mechanisms of biliary dysfunction development.

The most frequently-occurring type of biliary tract dysfunction is the hypokinetic-hypotonic type defined as gallbl ... read full abstract ››

Soviet Politics Of Disarmament Under Gorbachev: With Special Reference To Strategic Defense Initiative

Date: 28-06-2012 14:39

The world has come a long way from the “twilight year” of 1939 when physicists, Rudolf Peirels and Otto Frisch began work on Uranium fission and concluded that an atom bomb was a practical possibility. From then on “the fate of the earth” depended on the mercy of nuclear weapons. Today we are witness to a quantitative expansion and qualitative improveme ... read full abstract ››

Soviet Strategic Doctrine From Khrushchev To Gorbachev

Date: 16-06-2012 14:53

For the forty odd years after World War II both Soviet Union and the United States defined their security policy primarily in response to each other. More often than not it was Soviet Union which followed the lead of the United States as far as armaments and weapons technology was concerned, which inevitably led to the vicious arms race. The Cold war regime injected the ingred ... read full abstract ››