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Change Management For Successful Mergers

Date: 13-05-2012 12:09
With the passage of time, significance of change management in the eyes of both academics and practitioners has increased to a great extent. Globalization, increase in competition and scientific innovations have forced organizations to develop an ability to change. In current era change has become important for organizations to compete, grow or even survive. The aim of the r ... read full abstract ››

Topographical Implications On Income, Employment And Poverty In Rural Households Of Arghakhanchi District Of Nepal-case Study

Date: 08-05-2012 19:32

This paper makes an assessment of Nepalese poverty situation during 2008 - 2009 using a comparative static approach. Income and human poverty indices have been estimated using World Bank and UNDP methods, respectively. Moreover, it also makes exploratory analysis to study the causes and nature of Nepalese poverty. It concludes that Nepalese income poverty was drastically reduc ... read full abstract ››

A Study Of Language Roles In Thai Tourism Industry Competitiveness

Date: 18-03-2012 06:14

This study aimed to study the language roles in Thai tourism industry competitiveness, to determine the most important language role for the Thai tourism industry, and to investigate ... read full abstract ››

An Assessment Of Nutritional Status Of The Children Of Government Urdu Higher Primary Schools Of Azad Nagar And Its Surrounding Area Of Bangalore

Date: 13-03-2012 12:18

Background: Children are the future of the country. The importance of child health has been described by many ancient Unani physicians. In India, children under 15 years of age constitute about 40 percent of the population. School children constitute a large pool of children of this age group. Nutritional status is a major component of school health services. Objectives: (1) T ... read full abstract ››

The Role Of Foreign Direct Investment In Generating Export Capacity In Tanzania For The Period Of 1989 – 2009”

Date: 14-02-2012 11:04

The paper aim at examine the role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in generating export capacity in Tanzania particularly at mining sector. This study used secondary data and data analysis was done by Ordinary Least Sq ... read full abstract ››

Unity And Resolution Of Church Conflict

Date: 01-02-2012 20:06

“For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that divisions exist among you; and I partly believe it.” 1 Cor 11:18 KJV

Biblical principles for resolving conflict are not as easy to discern and practice as it may seem.  Add a dose of modern technology (email, websites, media, etc.) and false teaching, ... read full abstract ››

The Relationship Between Leaders’ Personality Traits And Organizational Commitment

Date: 18-01-2012 14:56

The results of this study revealed a correlation between leaders’personality traits and levels of organizational commitmentin Apparel and/or Consumer Packaged Goods organizations. Data were collected from 50 leaders in these organizations, along with 204 of their associates in the New York and New Jersey area.

Using the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Organizati ... read full abstract ››

The Most Important Tips That Should Follow While Preparing Dissertation Or Thesis

Date: 28-11-2011 06:04

The Main Important Tips That Should Follow While Preparing Dissertation or Thesis

Worried about your tight dissertation deadline?

We all have to go through cruel and uncompromising deadlines sometime or the other in our sad little lives. But few can be more threatening and frustrating than working on your dissertation with, a tight deadline, breathing down your ... read full abstract ››

Effect Of Feeding Different Levels Of Sesame Oil Cake On Feed Intake, Body Weight Change, And Carcass Parameters Of Sheep Fed On Wheat Bran And Teff Straw, In Norther Wester Tigray, Ethiopia.

Date: 07-11-2011 16:59

The experiment was carried out at Shire Agricultural Technical Vocational Educational and Training College (ATVETC), Northwestern Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia. Twenty-five yearling intact male sheep with an average live weight of 19±1.7kg (mean ± Standard deviation) were used in the experiment. The objective of the study was to investigate the effect of feeding diffe ... read full abstract ››

Pain Management After Spinal Cord Injury

Date: 19-10-2011 12:56


Significant proportion of people with spinal cord injury experience chronic pain.

Chronic pain is recognized as a bio-psycho –physiological phenomenon.


To estimate the prevalence, severity and duration of neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury

Methodology &nbs ... read full abstract ››