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Industrial Sickness In India: An Empirical Analysis

Date: 16-09-2011 08:39

The basic issue of our research is to develop a predictive model, i.e., a model that can predict the probability of sickness that a firm is exposed to. This is necessary for getting a signal at the firm level so that the management can get prepared for turnaround management, if the probability of the firm being sick is found to be high. In our dissertation, we have performed t ... read full abstract ››

Marketing Strategies Of Readymade Garments Industry Of India

Date: 13-09-2011 07:08

The present study is concerned with Marketing Strategies of Readymade garments industries in India. The marketing practices of garments units, problems faced by them in implementing the marketing strategies and measures needed to solve these problems, come under the purview of this study. The main focus is on the marketing strategies used by the various sectors in the area of ... read full abstract ››

The Application Of The Nelson Siegel Model To Corporate European Cds Curves

Date: 09-09-2011 09:19

Bond market growth over the past century has encouraged the construction of numerous models capable of calculating a term structure of interest rates. In 1987, Nelson and Siegel produced a paper that produced one such term structure.  Risk exposure to credit markets have witnessed change with the invention of the credit default swap (CDS) in 1994. This allowed for hedging ... read full abstract ››

Development Of A Sustainable Ecotourism Plan For Horton Plains National Park

Date: 25-07-2011 06:26

The research is conducted in an era where the whole natural systems in the world are destroying, where the natural resources are diminishing and in an era where the environment has stood against the humans. The main concern of this research is to enforce the humans through friendship, relationship and togetherness in order to protect the natural environment.

Nature is ... read full abstract ››

A Study Of Contributory Factors Effecting The Staff To Achieve Expected Results In Abc (pte) Ltd. – A Case Study

Date: 08-07-2011 10:35

The purpose of this study is to find and explore the contributory factors affecting the staff to achieve expected results in ABC (Pte) Ltd., which is a leading laboratory, medical and communication equipment supplier in Sri Lanka. Hence, the main research question is to find out whether staff of ABC (Pte) Ltd. are motivated to ... read full abstract ››

The Subject Of Spiritual Crisis In The English Novel Of XIX-XX Centuries

Date: 08-07-2011 09:57

The Object of Investigation:  forms of subject\'s development in the novels of J.Galsworthy “The Forsyte Saga”, J.Meredith “The Egoist”, H.Wells “Ann-Veronic”, E.M.Forster “Where The Angels Fear To Tread”, T.Mann “Buddenbrooks”. 

The Purpose of the work: the investig ... read full abstract ››

To All The Bodies I Have Loved Before: The Marginalisation Of Non-homosexual Male-male Corporeal Pleasures In The Discourse Of Gay Liberation

Date: 02-06-2011 12:35

In the post-gay liberation era, the body desirous of same-sex sex is presented with the possibility of existing without punishment.  Indeed, gay liberation has demanded free ... read full abstract ››

Awareness and Preventive Measures of TB Among Drivers

Date: 23-05-2011 12:17

Percentage frequency of the responses of the drivers regarding their awareness about the nature and general information about pulmonary tuberculosis is out of 153 respondents, 86 or 56% of them thinks that tuberculosis is an infection of the lungs, and 14 or 9% associate tuberculosis with vomiting of blood while 53 or 35% do not have any idea what tuberculosis is.

With ... read full abstract ››

Nominal Derivations in Telugu Bhagavatham

Date: 26-04-2011 13:06

Among all the creations of god, man stands out as being unique. His inimitableness lies in his ability of speech. Language has been playing a consequential role in the technological advancements of man. Over the centuries, different intellectuals have used language as a catalyst to flourish and integrate their knowledge on various aspects. It is not an exaggeration to say that ... read full abstract ››

Changes in livelihood capital assets in female-headed households: A post-conflict situation in Nepal

Date: 22-04-2011 05:42

In Nepal, conflict has affected different social groups at different levels and scales. Taking an example from Bardiya district, western Nepal, the paper aims to assess economic activities and safety-nets of conflict affected female-headed households using capital assets in the sustainable livelihood framework. The study area was highly affected by the decade-long ‘peopl ... read full abstract ››

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