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Behavioral, Biochemical, And Molecular Mechanisms Of Lead (pb+2)-mediated Long-term Memory Impairment In The Adult Rat Brain

Date: 27-02-2016 01:29

Lead (Pb+2) is a metal ion, which is widely distributed in environment due to natural sources, but mainly due to anthropogenic releases. There is large amount of literature related to the toxicological effects of Pb+2 after acute exposure. However, less is known about the effects of low-level chronic exposure to Pb+2. The central nervous system is the most sensitive to the tox ... read full abstract ››

A Proposed Service Quality Training Program Plan For Frontline Non-teaching Employees Of Sucs In Region Viii

Date: 21-02-2016 15:20

Employees are internal customers whose processes are aimed at satisfying the external customers.  Before an organization can satisfy its customers, it must first satisfy its own employees.  Management can obtain feedback on the effectiveness of its training and continuous improvement efforts via servers' self- assessment service quality impr ... read full abstract ››

Development Of Ethnic Identity Measure For Cordillera Indigenous People

Date: 03-02-2016 07:29

The purpose of the study is to develop then assess the factor structure, reliability and validity of the Ethnic Identity Measure for Cordillera Indigenous People (EIM for CIP). The initial 60-items were developed based on three factors: exploration, commitment and cultural practices. The item structure was reviewed by scale experts while the content was reviewed by a panel of ... read full abstract ››


Date: 26-11-2015 20:20

Now a days , some audience and peoples like to listen ,watch , read the news concerning the done world records for success and the attempt of world record.

Therefore , if the business mans will introduce a concept of type of media like this for do the business and services, These are given below.

1)a television media for broadcast the only news programmes conce ... read full abstract ››

Experiences Of Blind Students Studying In Inclusive Setting - A Phenomenological Approach

Date: 26-11-2015 16:49

The aim of this study is to explore the experiences of blind students studying in inclusive setting. The focus of the study is particularly on social and academic experiences. Data collection was conducted through a semi-structured interview with eight blind students that attend University of Tirana. The researcher selected qualitative method as it ... read full abstract ››

Knowledge, Attitudes And Work Practice Of Telemedicine Service Providers - The Case Of Albania

Date: 15-11-2015 18:42

In Albania, as in some other countries of the Balkan peninsula, the telemedicine service is new and there are few studies in this field. Moreover, there are no studies with a specific focus on services providers’ attitudes. The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive and in-depth view of service provide ... read full abstract ››

" Potency Of Plant-based Products As Vermicides For Small Ruminants "

Date: 05-10-2015 07:26


This research is focused on developing non-chemical methods for controlling parasitic nematodes of small ruminants; the single greatest constraint to the development of this industry in the locality and many other parts of the province. Testing herbal medication can validate and enhance existing local practices and potentials of vario ... read full abstract ››

Exploring Chinese Demand For Clean Air Technologies: University Student’s Willingness-to-pay For Air Purifiers In Shanghai And Rate Of Adoption

Date: 30-09-2015 17:31

Clean air technologies market in China is remarkably growing due to high levels of air pollution, increasing awareness and income of Chinese people. Despite an increasing rate of adoption, a large majority of potential users are still uncertain about adopting clean air solutions.

This study is designed to better understand how Chinese perceive clean air technologies an ... read full abstract ››

Duration Uncertainty As A Moderator Of The Relationship Between Wait Time And Customer Satisfaction In Chinese Supermarkets

Date: 29-09-2015 20:27

The purpose of this research is to highlight the effect on Chinese customers ‘satisfaction of the wait time uncertainty in the supermarket checkout lines. The findings of this research are mostly useful for the managers of supermarkets in China. On one hand, due to a large and fast increase of the urban population in China, supermarkets will soon have to find some soluti ... read full abstract ››

Evaluation Of Rootcrops-lubeg Blend As Fillers For Empanaditas

Date: 26-08-2015 06:25

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate lubeg jam- rootcrops blend as fillers in the production of emapanaditas. Thirty panelists evaluated the products in terms of taste, appearance and aroma. Results revealed that a ratio of 50%-50% obtained the highest sensory evaluation rating for lubeg jam-sweet potato blend and lubeg jam- taro blend while the ratio of 25%-75 a ... read full abstract ››

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