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Nilavarai Water-wells (nilaavara Water-well)

Date: 24-10-2015 13:23

Nilavarai Water Well (Nilaavara Water-well)

Nilavarai Water-well is a natural sinkhole. It is a cave or karst that has formed underground through the percolation of rain water. It is a collection of caves or karsts interconnected with natural canals, veins, cavities and pores. The connections spread far distances according to many investigations. Some in the area say t ... read full abstract ››

Variability Of Effective-earth Radius Factor

Date: 21-10-2015 05:55

For proper radio link design and for any location where propagation is intended, an accurate prediction of the distribution of effective earth radius factor (k-factor) is required. Traditionally, a median value of 4/3 is assumed for communication design purposes, but in reality the true k-factor values differ for different locations globally. In this study, the mean diurnal, s ... read full abstract ››

Genotypic Characterization And Sequencing Of Enterotoxins From B. Thuringiensis Strains Isolated On Amazon State, Brazil

Date: 17-10-2015 07:40

Bacillus thuringiensis is a Gram-positive bacterium commonly used in the tropical disease vectors and agriculture pragues control. Despite of its use both agriculture and human health, this bacterium can be enterotoxins producer that are also present in a few Bacillus cereus strains, emphasizing the non-haemolytic enterotoxin (NHE), haemolysin BL (HBL) and ... read full abstract ››

Facies Analysis And Depositional Models Of The Surface Carbonate Succession In Abu Roash Area, North Western Desert, Egypt

Date: 09-10-2015 01:37

The present study deals with the stratigraphy, the petrography, the facies analysis and the depositional models of the exposed carbonate succession in the Abu Roash area, north Western Desert of Egypt.

In the Abu Roash area, the sedimentary succession ranges in age from the Late Cretaceous to the Quaternary but ... read full abstract ››

Local Conservation Approaches Towards Sustainable Management Of Threatened Mangrove Ceriops Decandra (griff.) Ding Hou At Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

Date: 08-09-2015 08:21

Ceriops decandra is a mangrove species under the Family Rhizophoraceae. Its conservation status is nearly threatened (NC) based on the International Union for Conservancy of Nature (IUCN). Studies relative to this species is very poorly documented in the Philippines. This paper is a review of the present literature and studies about C. decandra. It aimed to provide information ... read full abstract ››

Growth Performance Of Broilers As Affected By Varying Levels Of Ground Limestone

Date: 26-08-2015 08:04

This study aimed to find out the effect of different levels of ground limestone to the growth of broilers. specifically, to determine the best level which could give the highest production and high profits and to know the effect of ground limestone to carcass of broilers. A total of 96 two weeks old chicks were randomly distributed to four dietary treatments using completely r ... read full abstract ››

Using Design Processes As A Tool To Enhance Entrepreneurial Globalization Of Born Global Start-ups

Date: 07-08-2015 16:39

There is a clear need for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) entering new global markets to modify and improve their processes and products in order to increase their global presence. This journey requires international skills and multidisciplinary working. Design processes can enhance and accelerate the globalization and many born global firms (BGs) already utilize this ... read full abstract ››

Specific Ion Effect Or Hofmeister Series

Date: 30-05-2015 19:09

The present study about the solubility of some potassium electrolytes in ethylene carbonate shows that the solubility of this species follows the Hofmeister series of anions.

Ethylene carbonate is a highly polar organic solvent, with high dielectric constant and high dipole moment; however, unlike water, it does not have hydrogen bonds.
The entity of solubilizatio ... read full abstract ››

Keerimalai Springs

Date: 21-05-2015 10:36

Keerimalai has good-old natural springs. They are a few tens of metres away from the beach at the northern most stretch of Jaffna district. The springs fill two pools, one for women that is closed to fit the tradition and the other is open and used only by men. The springs serve the pools with slightly salty water th ... read full abstract ››

Navaly-ur Idikundu Kineru

Date: 21-05-2015 10:27

Idikundu in Tamil means Thunder-bomb. Idi stands for thunder and kundu means bomb, or similar devices that have explosion and hit. The Tamil word kinerru means water-well. Some call it in detail as Idi-vilundha-kinerru; which means: Thunder-fallen-water-well. Vilundha means fallen.

... read full abstract ››

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