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Sustainability of Conservation Areas: Marine and Terrestrial perspectives

Date: 02-05-2004 21:36

The study aimed to provide an account which identifies a means of monitoring protected sites with a holistic approach so as to assess their biological and economical sustainability with a planning, management and conservation point of view. The study was based on two case studies namely Ghajn Tuffieha (North West Malta) and Ramla (Gozo).

The study involved analysis ... read full abstract ››

The Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Coastal Management

Date: 19-03-2004 16:26

Malta, being an island-state, requires good management of its environmental resources in order to ensure socio-economic success. The coastal zone is threatened by a number of marine pollution hazards, which may be associated with a range of coastal activities. Eutrophication is a common problem in nutrient enriched coastal waters and therefore investigating primary productivit ... read full abstract ››

Antwortverhalten von Unternehmen

Date: 18-02-2004 13:23

Die Bedeutung des Internets als Informations- und Kommunikationsmedium ist in den vergangenen Jahren deutlich gewachsen. Während im September 1997 nur etwa vier Millionen Deutsche online waren, so hat sich diese Anzahl bis zum März 2002 mit ca. 26 Mio. Nutzern schon mehr als versechsfacht . Die enorme Verbreitung dieses Mediums mit ständig steigenden Nutzerzahle ... read full abstract ››

Aspects of Graph Spectra

Date: 04-11-2003 08:06

The main themes of this thesis are
i. characterisations of singular graphs,
ii. the study of the spectrum of the line graphs of trees, and
iii. the determination of the characteristic polynomial of certain classes of graphs. Aspects of the polynomial reconstruction theme appear throughout.

In the first part, we define a core, chi, of a singular graph, ... read full abstract ››

A Study of the Recently Introduced Chlorophyte Caulerpa racemosa along the South Coasts of Malta

Date: 31-10-2003 23:55

The morphometric data of 1009 C. racemosa specimens taken from three sites along the south coast of Malta were recorded. Destructive sampling was adopted during the sampling months of December 2000 and January 2001 where six shore line transects varying in length from 60 to 600m were laid perpendicularly to the shore. Six replicates at each depth along the line transect were t ... read full abstract ››

A Comparative Study of Airborne Particulate Matter Levels Around Malta

Date: 27-09-2003 20:52

The extents of atmospheric pollution due to the presence of airborne particulate matter is a very concerning environmental issue. This is especially true in the light of the high population density characterising our islands.

This study presents a brief overview of the possible nature of airborne particulate matter together with some major health considerations asso ... read full abstract ››

Biological Study of Maltese Hedgehogs (subfamily-Erinaceinae) for Conservation

Date: 25-09-2003 10:07

In order to undertake long-term conservation management programmes for any organism and habitat, some knowledge must be known about the biology of the species and the habitat it needs for survival. No scientific detailed work has been carried out on hedgehogs in Malta prior to this study, thus it was considered necessary to obtain biological knowledge of this group for the leg ... read full abstract ››

Viruses infecting the greenhouse tomato crop (Lycopersicon lycopersicum) in the Maltese Islands.

Date: 24-09-2003 23:03

A survey was conducted with the aim of determining which of sixteen different viruses occur in the greenhouse tomato crop cultivated in the Maltese Islands and establishing the incidence of any viruses identified.

A total of 40 different greenhouses dispersed throughout the northern, central and southern regions of Malta as well as in Gozo were visited and 200 leaf ... read full abstract ››

A Study of the Population Ecology of the Tenebrionid beetle Phaleria acuminata from Sandy Beaches in the Maltese Islands

Date: 24-09-2003 20:36

The tenebrionid beetle Phaleria acuminata is one of the most common macro-invertebrates in the upper reaches of the dry zone of local sandy beaches. Samples, consisting of pitfall trap collections made every three months during the period October 2001 to March 2003 were studied. The beaches sampled were Xatt l-Ahmar and Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo, and Golden Bay and White Tower Bay ... read full abstract ››

General Industrial and Commercial Waste Generation Indicators: A study on establishments in Northern Ireland

Date: 22-09-2003 11:41

General Industrial and Commercial Waste (GICW) constitutes a significant proportion of the total waste arisings in the UK. However, the knowledge base about this waste stream is still limited. In particular, little is known about the nature of relationships existing between GICW arisings and specific characteristics of the waste producing companies.

Theory indicates ... read full abstract ››

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