Modern Diplomacy - Promoting Euro-Mediterranean Relations Through Sport  

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Course / Degree: Masters of Arts in Diplomactis Studies
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2007

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Sport represents one of the most-developed cases of globalization in international relations, arguably because there are fewer political and cultural obstacles to the development of sport than there are in other fields. To date there is little literature dedicated to this subject, despite the fact that sport has grown to a large size. It arguably replaces religion in its power to excite passion and provide emotional escape. Thus, this dissertation is an attempt to explain the increasing significance of sport to international relations and vice-versa, particularly in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Chapter One will provide a general historical overview of the evolution of sport as well as the evolving relationship between sport and diplomacy. An emphasis will be then put on the historical precedents that took place in the European and Mediterranean regions.

Chapter Two will shed light on the relationship between sport and diplomacy by taking a number of case studies from the Euro-Mediterranean region. The term ‘power politics’ refers to a state of international relations in which sovereigns defend their own interests by manifesting their power and prestige through sport.

Following the end of World War 1 there has been a change in the nature of the politics of sport. Case studies will be analyzed to explain how sport and international relations are interconnected and, in some extreme cases, how sport has been an essential factor to either prevent or trigger civil or inter-state conflicts. Diplomats were quick to see the importance of sport for national prestige from the 1930s if not before. Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games is one of the first well-known cases following the trench war. In some cases sport has been used by diplomats as a means of coercive diplomacy, which is the attempt to pressure adversaries by all means short of war.

In chapter Three the role of sport in diplomacy will be analyzed at three levels: the role of the state, the role of sports IGOs and the role of the individual.

At state level, more commonly, sport has become a tool of national identity and pride, not only where developed modernization is under way and large number of people participate in organised sport, but also in states who might be economically and militarily under-developed but who can still produce Olympic champions. The issue of national prestige plays an important role in this regards. Furthermore, sports law will be tackled in this chapter. Hence, it is no longer the exclusivity of IGOs to monitor rules and legislations pertaining to sport. The main theme analysed relates to the free movement of persons and how state law facilitates freedom of movement of persons contained in EC legislation, with specific regards to the field of sport.

At the non-state level, international sporting organizations and private enterprises as well as a number of extraordinary athletes have become at times more influential than a number of states. The increasing roles of the IOC and FIFA in world politics, as well as the UN involvement in world sport will be tackled to shed light on this study. This section will also discuss the way IGO regulations (mainly FIFA and UEFA) changed along the years to accommodate the ECJ judgments and EC legislation.

The last chapter will summarize and suggest implications of this study. Sport no longer exists outside the restrictions of international relations. This research paper will help to develop insights that diplomats, policy makers and entrepreneurs can work with. Sport should eventually be perceived as an innovative, wide-ranging and provocative field to contemporary international relations.

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Diplomacy, sport, public diplomacy, ministry of foreign affairs, government, euro-med

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