Consumer ethnocentrism in Malaysia  

Abstract Category: Accounts and Economics
Course / Degree: PhD
Institution / University: University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
Published in: 2008

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This research has the purpose of validating the antecedents of consumer ethnocentrism in light of customer behavior in transitional economies country of one ASEAN developing county, which has attracted the attention of foreign investors and marketers. Malaysia was realized in 2003 ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), which brings foreign products to Malaysian consumers with more affordable deals. Seven antecedents were identified: culture openness, conservatism, collectivism, patriotism, control belief, interest in foreign travel and attitude toward foreign product. Each variable is measured by a 7-point Likert-scale of various developed past scales. Consumer ethnocentrism was measured using the CETSCALE 17 items. A 91 percent response rate was collected from 110 questionnaires distributed. Confirmatory factor analysis performed on the data reveals that the measurement model and structural model are statistically fit. Findings show that Structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis establishes causal relationships between patriotism, control belief, interest in foreign travel and consumer ethnocentrism.

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consumer ethnocentrism, interest in foreign travel, Malaysia

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