Treatment of sewage waste water using water hyacinth-Eicchornia sp and its reuse for fish culture  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: B.Sc Biochemistry-vocational Biotechnology
Institution / University: Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, India
Published in: 2009

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The absorption of heavy metals like chromium, copper and zinc present in the sewage waste water using aquatic plant, water hyacinth - Eichhornia sp were studied. The experimental setup (100% untreated and treated sewage samples) was prepared and the water hyacinth plants were introduced into the tubs. After 96 hrs, sewage samples were analysed and the results showed an active reduction in physicochemical parameters and heavy metals. The biotreated sample was reused for Aquaculture of fish - Tilapia mossambica for a period of 60 days. The growth study was carried out and the maximum growth was recorded in biotreated samples. After the growth study, the histology procedures were carried out on the target organs such as brain, gills, liver and muscles. The histology and histopathology results revealed the degeneration of nerve cells, fusion of secondary lamella of gills, vacuolization of hepatocytes, swelling and longitudinal splitting of muscle fibres were seen in 100% untreated and treated sample but the 100% biountreated and biotreated sample resembled as like control animals.

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Sewage waste water, water hyacinth - Eichhornia sp, physicochemical parameters, Tilapia mossambica, growth, histopathology

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Toxicology international Volume-16,issue-2,pg-103-106. Website:www.toxicologyinternational.com

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