Regulating Tenancy Relationships in Jordan  

Abstract Category: Laws
Course / Degree: SJD
Institution / University: University of Sharjah, College of Law, United Arab Emirates
Published in: 2010

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Housing is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution. Recent interest in the welfare of low-income Jordanian citizens has directed attention to the problem of housing. While allocation of funds for low-income housing purposes can alleviate the problem of housing conditions, landlord-tenant legal relationships may prevent the development of decent housing. In other words, the problem surrounding housing cannot solely be attributed to scarcity of supply relative to demand or vice versa. The Landlord-Tenant Law of 2000, for example, includes a controversial provision which will invalidate all lease contracts by 2010. The controversial provision of the Landlord-Tenant Law can lead to social upheaval and many disputes. The legal relationship between landlords and tenants has always been a complex issue.

The article analyzes landlord-tenant legal relationships in Jordan and the extent to which the legal rules are pro-landlord, neutral, or pro-tenant. The analysis will help in providing proposals for reforming the law in a manner that take the interests of all parties involved into account. It is worth noting that the legal issues examined in the article relate to all tenants, but these issues tend to have greater impact on low and middle-income citizens.

Section II of the article examines scope of application of landlord-tenant relevant laws, nature of tenancy, and types of tenancies.

Section III, then, analyzes duties of landlords and tenants.

In section IV, termination of leasehold and eviction are discussed. Finally, suggestions for reform will be proposed.

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tenancy, contract, Jordan, landlord, tenant, law

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