Aspects of Kolmogorov Complexity: The Physics of Information  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
Institution / University: Northwestern International University, Denmark
Published in: 2003

Dissertation Abstract / Summary:

The dissertation will address a compressible value to a random binary sequential string in algorithmic complexity using new algorithms that are the most accuate metric for measuring algorithmic randomness in a random binary sequentail string.  A history of algorithmic complexity and copies of the author's papers given at conferences are included in the appendix section of this monograph. 

Dissertation Keywords/Search Tags:
Algorithmic Complexity, Martin-Lof Randomness, Random and Non-Random Sequential Strings

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Tice, B.S. (2009) Aspects of Kolmogorov Complexity: The Physics of Information.  Gottingen: Cuvillier Verlag.

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