Language and Godel's Theorem  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
Institution / University: Northwestern International University, Denmark
Published in: 2003

Dissertation Abstract / Summary:

The dissertation will examine Godel's use of the 'Liar's Paradox' as a semantic valuation of a mathematical problem of the 'uncertainty' of David Hilbert's axiomatic system.  The language used in Godel's Theorem is the very bases of this logical paradox.  The dissertation will move beyond the simple true/false notions found in the original paper to discovery a fundamental change to the ideas found in Godel's original paper.

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Godel's Theorem, Language and Mathematics, Godel's 'Incompleteness Theorem'.

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Tice, B.S. (2008) Language and Godel's Theorem.  Maastricht: Shaker Verlag.

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