Fate Of Particulate And Dissolved Organic Matter In Soil N Mineralization  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: M.Sc (Soil Science)
Institution / University: Wageningen University, Netherlands
Published in: 2011

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

The transformation of insoluble organic N via particulate and dissolved organic matter (POM and DOM) into inorganic N may represent the bottle neck mechanism in N mineralization. However, it is unknown how POM fractions are related to DOM pools, and how these particulate and dissolved pools are quantitatively involved in N mineralization. To understand and quantify the fate of these pools in N mineralization, we conducted an incubation experiment with 15N labeled radish residues to trace the flow of 15N through the different N pools. POM was fractionated with density fractionation as light and heavy fraction (LF and HF). The dissolved organic matter fraction was collected using a centrifugal drainage technique and subsequently separated into a bioavailable and recalcitrant fraction.

The enrichment of 15N in POM, DON and inorganic N along with their concentrations were examined to identify their role in N mineralization. Our analysis showed that neither DON nor POM function as a distinct N source fraction in soil. The collected DOM was predominantly recalcitrant (~80%), suggesting that the bioavailable DOM fraction cannot be measured with current sampling techniques. The concentration of DOM strongly increases upon incorporation of crop residues, but diminish sharply within a few days. Our results also suggest that the DOM fraction is heterogeneous in composition; the most bioavailable part is consumed within a few days whereas the remaining part is fairly constant. Further research should focus on bioavailable fraction analysis.

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Particulate organic matter, Dissolved organic matter, Dissolved organic nitrogen, Dissolved organic carbon, Bioavailable fraction, 15N enrichment

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Baral, B. 2011. Fate of Particulate and Dissolved Organic Matter in N Mineralization. Wageningen University.

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