Television Viewing Among School Adolescents And Their Parent’s Awareness In Selected Blocks Of Uttarakhand  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Human Development and Family Studies
Institution / University: G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, India
Published in: 2011

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Present study on “Television viewing among school adolescents and their parent’s awareness in selected blocks of Uttarakhand” was conducted with following objectives to find out the duration of TV viewing, programme preferences and awareness of parents and to study the adoption behavior of teenagers and their parents pertaining to fashion, violence, informative technologies, & electronics. The sample consisted of 80 children belonging to 12- 16 yrs of age and their parents (160). The data was collected through survey method using self constructed questionnaire schedule to elicit general information of the students and their television viewing behavior.

The finding revealed that according to sixty nine percent of parents teenagers view television for 1 to 2 hours while their children reported they view television for 1 -2 hrs(61.25%). Regarding the television violence 56.12% of parents reported that of their children like to watch violent programmes but children (45%) reported that they don’t like to watch violent programmes. Pertaining to fashion 75.62% of parents reported fashion TV affects their children’s life style while 60% of children reported the same. Majority of parents (90%) and children (82.50%) reported TV is good for providing information. Maximum children (83.75%) reported they watch advertisement of electronic gadgets but minimum parents (26.87%) denied. The chi square test of independence was applied at 5% level of significance to know the viewing behavior then it was found that programme preferences do not depend on gender and family type. It was also found that there is no difference in duration of TV viewing and programmes preferences across mother’s occupation.

There were dependence between channel preferences across family type at 5% level of significance. This implies that children cannot watch whatever they want they have to depend on the viewing behavior of family. From above all findings it was found that parents are very much aware about their children’s viewing and adoption behavior but in some cases children’s silently hide their content of viewing. Thus the study suggests that parents should have alternatives for teenagers like entertainment so that violent TV viewing can be controlled, Children must have their television viewing supervised and regulated and Parents must not let television become the dominant part of their family’s life.

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Violence,Fashion,Electronic Gadgets & Information Technologies

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