Sandfly Vectors And Rodent Reservoirs Responsible For Leishmaniasis Transmission In A Remote Area Of North-sinai (egypt)  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: M. Sc
Institution / University: Ain Shams University, Egypt
Published in: 2009

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is prevalent in Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) and previous research has consistently documented the etiological agent to be Leishmania major. The present work reports the first isolation of L. tropica from a Northern Sinai community bordering Palestine. Parasite culturing, real time PCR, gene sequencing and RFLP analysis indicate CL cases in this community were caused by either L. major or L. tropica. Two wild-caught rodents (Gerbillus pyramidum floweri) were infected with L. tropica. Phlebotomus papatasi sandflies were found harboring L. major, however only non-infected individuals of P. sergenti, a vector for L. tropica, were caught. Patients with L. tropica had not traveled from the region for over a year, suggesting these cases are autochthonous. The current scenario is consistent with an incursion of L. tropica from bordering countries and raises concerns about further expansion of this parasite into Egypt.

The susceptibility of laboratory reared, and wild animals for L. tropica originally isolated from the study area was investigated. BALB/c mice and hamster were a good model for infection. In sequence of infection, wild rodents found to be susceptible to the same L. tropica isolate and developed Leishmania lesions although species dependent difference.

The ability of the sandfly to acquire and develop L. major and L. tropica was reported in the laboratory reared P. papatasi and P. sergenti. Data obtained confirmed vector- parasite interaction in case of P. papatasi/L. major and P. sergenti/L. tropica.

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Leishhmania, Sand fly, Sinai

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