Superoxide Dismutase And Glutathione Status Of Isolated Guinea Pig Ledig Cells  

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Course / Degree: PhD
Institution / University: Virginia Tech, United States
Published in: 1992

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Utilization of highly enriched preparations of steroidogenic Leydig cells have proven invaluable for studing the direct effects of various hormones and chemical agents on Leydig cell function in vitro. However, recent work indicates that cultured Leydig cells stimulated to produce testosterone are often subjected to oxygen toxicity at ambient oxygen levels. It was hypothesized that Leydig cells may be deficient in some of the antioxidant defenses. Crude testicular homogenates were prepared from the testes collected from mature male guinea pigs and aliquots were saved for antioxidant enzyme determination. The reminder of the homogenates were utilized in a multistep procedure designed to isolate and purify Leydig cells. Aliquots of the isolated Leydig cells along with the crude testicular homogenates were used to quantitate the antioxidant enzyme defense system. The activites of copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (Cu/Zn SOD), manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GP) and glutathione reductase (GR) in the crude testicular homogenates were found to be 14.87 +/- 0.26, 2.90 +/- 0.17, 4.55 +/- 0.11 and 8.71 +/- 0.21 units/mg protein, respectively. However, the isolated Leydig cells were found to contain 10.18 +/- 0.80, 1.97 +/- 0.11, 19.41 +/- 1.81 and 3.93 +/- 0.45 units/mg protein of Cu/Zn SOD, Mn SOD, GP and GR, respectively. Thus, compared to crude testicular homogenates, Leydig cells contained significantly (P< .05) less Cu/Zn SOD, Mn SOD and GR but more (P< .05) GP. Greater than 80% of the SOD present in testes was of the Cu/Zn variety. These results support the thesis that Leydig cells have limited oxidative defenses against the high oxygen tensions currently used in many in vitro culture systems. (Supported in part by NIH HL 42009)

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Leydig cells, SOD, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, Cu/Zn SOD, Mn SOD, antioxidant enzyme defense system

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Kukucka, Mark A. and Hara P. Misra. 1992. Superoxide dismutase and glutathione status of isolated guinea pig Leydig cells. In: Fourth Research Day Proceedings, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, p. 15. Blacksburg, VA.

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