Environmental Aspects Of Waste Water Used In Microbial Fuel Cell  

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Course / Degree: Master's In Biotechnology
Institution / University: KIIT School Of Biotechnology,KIIT University, India
Published in: 2010

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Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) leading to the wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation were evaluated using Nafion® as Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and non-coated plain graphite electrodes without any toxic mediators (aerated cathode and mediator less anode) at ambient temperature (28±2°C). The present study documented the advantage of both wastewater treatment and electricity production in a single system. In the used Microbial Fuel System, anode was submerged in waste water, collected from a drain of Orissa and cathode was submerged in Phosphate Buffer Solution (PBS).Both anode and cathode was connected through a membrane chamber having Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), Nafion-117. In the anode chamber, fuel was oxidized by microorganisms, generating electrons and protons. Electrons are transferred to the cathode chamber through an external electric circuit, and the protons are transferred to the cathode chamber through the membrane.

Through a 90 days observation, 36mV electricity was generated in the starting 20 days which was further increased by 163mV. It was observed that these non-coated plain graphite electrodes perform very well in the presence of Sodium acetate under MFC conditions (pH 7, room temperature) for oxygen reduction. Multimeter was used to check the voltage generation by MFC system. However, the overall voltage generation and power yield was found to depend on the substrate degradation by catalytic reaction of microorganisms. The growing pressure on our environment and the call for renewable energy sources will further stimulate the development of this technology for leading a successful implementation.

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