"phenotypic And Genotypic Characterization Of Serotypes, Multi-resistant Bacteria, Salmonella Sp, Isolated From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia"  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Master
Institution / University: King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Published in: 2011

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Salmonella is an important opportunistic pathogen that is rapidlyevolving toward widespread distribution among the human population. A number of clinical syndromes, including the most common type of Salmonellosis, food-borne gastroenteritis infection, septicemia and typhoid fever are caused by Salmonella. Additional sequelae, which are less common, include arthritis, appendicitis, and meningitis and urinary tract infections. The aims of this study are to characterize the molecular level of different stains of Salmonella spp. and analyze the evolution of antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella isolates. This study evaluated theresistance of those strains to different commonly usedantimicrobials. It isto determine the prevalence, age-group distribution stereotyping and susceptibility patterns of invasive Salmonella sp. in KSA.

The present Study does focus on the isolation of Salmonella from the blood and fecesof the patients who are hospitalized in Riyadh Military Hospital; they areof different ages range and these isolates are taken as per the phenotypicand molecular genotypic techniques. About 95 isolates from the fecesculture and five isolates from the blood culture have been isolated for the purpose of identifying O and H antigens, and then the process of classifying all the Salmonella isolates to main groups has beenadministered. The biochemical and serological tests are done for locating and identifying the Salmonella. This current investigation has decided theantimicrobial susceptibility, phenotypes and genotypes by DNA – based typing. Salmonella groups B, C, D, E,I and G genotype were identifiedby PFGE . By PFGE with Xba I restriction enzyme, the DNA fragmentswere in the range from 48.5 Kb to 533.5 Kb. Knowing the PFGE profile,it has been easier to compare the isolates with other molecular weight.

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Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of serotypes, multi-resistant Bacteria, Salmonella sp

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King Saud University Botany and Microbiology Dept. Thesis Approval Sheet, Dated 22/06/2011

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