Effect Of Heavy Metal Uptake On Dna And Protein Content In Wheat  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Bs. Biotechnology
Institution / University: Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Pakistan
Published in: 2011

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Effect of heavy metal on DNA and Protein content of wheat was studied for four varieties Atta-Habib, Fakhr-e- Sarhad , Seran and Barsat in Malenkhandeer Farms Agriculture University Peshawar, Pakistan. DNA and Protein were extracted under laboratory conditions and then investigated quantitatively upon spectrophotometer. The soil and leaf samples were sent for atomic absorption as well and readings were obtained for chromium, lead and cadmium. The concentrations of DNA and protein were determined by the absorption values of spectrophotometer, UV 1700 Shimadzu and compared with the atomic absorption results.The results overall showed that Barsat and Fakhr-e-Sarhad were the most tolerant varieties and Seran was not tolerant to heavy metals, chromium and lead. However, cadmium was not discovered in the leaf samples due to its low concentration in soil.

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Phytoremediation, Heavy,metals,DNA,Protein

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Science - Effect Of Heavy Metal Uptake On Dna And Protein Content In Wheat Protein Extraction
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