Cytotoxic Activity Of Fenugreek On Human Breast Cancer Cell Line  

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Course / Degree: D.Phil
Institution / University: Allahabad University, India
Published in: 2012

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Trigonella foenum graecum, commonly calledfenugreek, is a leguminous plant native to many Asian and European countries. The seeds and leaves offenugreek are edible and are used as condiments and as Ayurvedicmedicine in the Indian subcontinent to treat diabetes, highcholesterol, wounds, inflammation, and gastrointestinal ailments. Recent studiessuggest that fenugreek and its active constituents may possessanti-carcinogenic potential. I have evaluated the preventive efficacyof dietary fenugreek seed for its anti-neoplastic properties using anti-proliferative assay.
I have examined the cytotoxic effects of 0 to 100µg to1mg trigonella’ extract (24-hour treatment) on MDAMD456 cells using the MTT cytotoxicityassay. The 3-(4, 5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide(MTT) assay was done to assessthe effect of trigonella’ extract on cell proliferation. In these methods, quadruplet samples were run foreach concentration of extract andthe experiment was repeated thrice. For the MTT assay, MDAMD456 cell lines were chosen;cells were seeded in 96-well culture plates and treated with0 to 100ug to1mg trigonella’extract for 24 hours. Then, 20 µLof MTT (5 mg/mL stock) solution were added to the wells andincubated at 37°C for 4 hours. Thereafter, the medium wasgently removed from the wells, and 200 µL of DMSO wereadded to each well.The absorbance is read at 550 nm.A dose-dependent MTT reduction (or color change fromyellow to purple) was observed in trigonella extract treated cells. Results from thein vitro experiments indicated that extracts of fenugreek seeds have been found to have anti-carcinogenic potency in different settings.

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