The Super Roll: Making, Mapping & Modeling The Neuroeconomic Highway  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Neuroeconomics
Institution / University: Fine Fitness Foundation/Neuroeconomic Center, United States
Published in: 2012

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THE SUPER ROLL: Making, Mapping & Modeling the Neuroeconomic Highway 

Ronnie C. Wright*
Division of Neuroeconomics, Fine Fitness Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

We have applied tools and techniques to explain the complex organic structure of the macroeconomy.
We have established a set of new "standards and methods" related to "cause and effect." However, 
the structure of the "neuroeconomic highway" seen through "wordspace illumination"
1. [steps] > strategies transporting economic policy signals emitted from "words & choices" play
an important role in the ability to 2. [eat] > evaluate and trace doing the unexpected 
3. [ride] > risk in deviate extensions. Recently, we have employed innovative
 'wordspace illuminating' tools to observe the 4. [dna] > dynamic nonlinear answers leading to
dynamic nonlinear applications in constructing
5. [ramps] > rapidly advancing macroeconomic policy standards in global economics. 
We have been able to 6. [drive] > detecting risk in variables extending 
7. [change] > creating habits advancing neuroeconomic growth economically. 
Additionally, we have observed an increase in the
8. [fat] > flawed asymmetrical thinking  and the flawed asymmetrical technology connected to the "highway."
This specific increase appears to be the result of 9. [steps]2 > 'sequence' technically extending policy standards.
Over time we will apply a proprietary
10. [method] > mathematically extending technical highway over decades employed as 11. [time] > tools intelligently measuring economy -
 past, present & future.
The routine objective is to: look at the 12. [above] > active behavior of variables extending and,
the 13. [below] > behavior extending levels of worry through
words & choices.

Neuroeconomic center home page: www.stayfine.org


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Neuroeconomics, Neuroacronetics, Neuroeconomic Highway, The Super Roll

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