Soviet Strategic Doctrine From Khrushchev To Gorbachev  

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Course / Degree: Ph.D
Institution / University: Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi, India
Published in: 1996

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For the forty odd years after World War II both Soviet Union and the United States defined their security policy primarily in response to each other. More often than not it was Soviet Union which followed the lead of the United States as far as armaments and weapons technology was concerned, which inevitably led to the vicious arms race. The Cold war regime injected the ingredients to the dynamics of soviet strategic policy. Suspicious of the motives of the western capitalist system (and afraid of military might of the same), Soviet Union embarked on the road to arm itself to the teeth. 

Incidentally in the initial years of the post world war II period the soviets had an optimistic view of the future because of the reluctance of the United States to get involved in European problems. But the soviet assessment of western policy took a different shape altogether after the Marshal plan. The ‘two camps interpretation of international relation formed the framework of soviet assessment of the western Security policy. Soviet thinking was also shaped in part by the rancorous tone and outspoken hostility of then western leadership. The American threat of then western leadership. The American threat of nuclear weapons delivered. The American threat of nuclear weapons delivered by long –range aircraft presented a new dimension to the deteriorating soviet-American relationship. Therefore’ the Soviet viewed the threat of premeditated capitalist aggression seriously’ and war with the west as inevitable. At the same time new system problems coupled with new needs and mind –sets emerged out of the cold war regime which could not be overlooked by Soviet Union’s strategic order.

This formed the backdrop to the soviet security regime which forcefully respond to the emerging implications of nuclear weapons, thus necessitating a basic reassessment of established military theory and security concepts.   It focused, primarily, on how to integrate nuclear weapons into the traditional ground force operations at the theater level, and its impact on the western school of thought which believed that the soviet military thinking was basically an unchanging doctrine of nuclear war. The development of these doctrine decisions according to the changing matrix of force structure are widely discussed in this work. Indeed the purpose of this study is to trace the evolution of soviet strategic doctrine. Here it would be in order to state that in the atmosphere of politico-military threats in the heightened period of its strategic doctrine.

Albeit, the origins of the soviet strategic primarily are traced, to begin with, the study focuses primarily on the periods of three important leaders-Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Gorbachev. Indeed a proper direction to the soviet strategic doctrine from this field during the days of Lenin and Stalin.

It is essential to point out that strategic doctrine has been basically accepted as a body of officially accepted beliefs with respect to war strategy, weapons choice, Force development, operational plans, arms control, etc. the present work also bases the meaning of strategic doctrine on this definition. Albeit, arms control, and disarmament have altogether different meaning they have used, in this work, interchangeably. Basically disarmament means the ‘arms race competition’.

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Disarmament, arms control, perestrioka, glasnost

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S. D. CHOUDHURY, "SOVIET STRATEGIC DOCTRINE FROM KHRUSHCHEV TO GORBACHEV", Ph.D thesis,Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi,India, 1996.  

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