The Co-ordination of Services Utilities in Public/Private Capital Projects. A local Perspective  

Abstract Category: Architecture and Civil
Course / Degree: Masters in Business Administration
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2003

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

For the past few decades, Malta has been suffering from a deterioration of quality roads. The fact that roads are disrupted just after a few weeks of completion and unnecessary delays has been criticised heavily by the local media and road users. In fact, the roads’ problems always feature prominently in surveys regarding the general problems of this island. Various efforts were made during the past to tackle this problem, and for the last six years we have had German experts to help us solve this enigma. The point is that the problem is still there, if not greater. The German experts introduced certain technical methods, but the problem still persists. So we must think otherwise! The hypothesis of this thesis is that Malta is equipped with technical personnel but lacks management. This thesis proves that when the principle of coordination (management concept), is applied it could solve the problem of roads/embellishment projects in Malta with respect to specifications, cost and time.

Between 1996 and 1998, a Co-ordination Unit was set up to tackle this problem, introduce new methods and systems. This thesis analysed the old system of coordination through a scientific research based on action science. Research was also conducted internationally on the subject. Conclusions were made, proposals and recommendations that are based on basic management concepts are suggested. The author believes that the principle of coordination is the solution to the local problem of the roads and embellishment works as research in this thesis has proved.

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Coordination, Management, Communication, Roads, and Embellishment

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