A Neuroeconomic Miraclescan: Measuring Words And Choices  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Neuroeconomics
Institution / University: Fine Fitness Foundation/Neuroeconomic Center, United States
Published in: 2012

Book Abstract / Summary:


[MiracleScan] > stands for:
 magnetic image resonance actively creating logical extensions showing captured anatomy neurologically.
Invented by Ronnie C. Wright, Acroneticist/Neuroeconomist -
I have developed a 1. [test] > technically extending sound theory

of dopaminergic function and dopamine receptors. 

based on Caplin and Dean (Quarterly Journal of Economics, 123 (2008), 662–702).
I have found evidence that 2. [fat] > flawed asymmetrical thinking for

[positive and negative reward prediction signals],

suggest that  losses and gains may parallel the "fat" in word and choices.
Through - 3. [mapping] > 
'magnet astonishingly producing powerful images naturally glowing' 
of the brain to diagnose and to create a 
4. [master] > magnetic alignment signaling through emitted realignment
using strong magnet and radio waves to produce neuroeconomic images
to further - 5 .[see] > scientifically emitted evidence 
revealing the difference between expected and
6. [results] > realized evidence showing unique links through science.
The subject lies on a table, with a large magnet surrounding his or her head.
 The magnet connects 7. [pipes] > protons inside patient's economic space
aka - the head to align
as a "master."
This creates the 8. [raw] > radio active waves
that are directed at the patient's head to be absorbed by the protons
with a 9. [kick] > knocking inside creating knowledge
 emitting radio waves as protons "glow" out of alignment and then to realign themselves.
The "raw" is captured by a radio receiver and feed into a computer,
which constructs the 10. [brain] > building remarkable anatomical images neurologically.
  The subject only hears the "wordspace"
[dna] > dynamic nonlinear answers and dynamic nonlinear applications
 of his/her own words and choices during "mirclescan."
Note: Certain parts of the brain may respond differently to the radio waves.
The computer is however - able to distinguish one brain structure from another.
Ronnie C. Wright 
Ronnie C. Wright

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Neuroeconomics, MiracleScan, MRI, Dopamine neurons

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