Neuroeconomic Highway King: The Naked Mole-rat  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Neuroeconomics
Institution / University: Fine Fitness Foundation Center of Neuroeconomics, United States
Published in: 2012

Book Abstract / Summary:


The naked mole-rat is the king of neuroeconomic road construction.
In my research,
I studied how they 1. [drive] > diet*rest*interact*visualize*exercise
to 'develop real inner value everyday.'
The patterns of the naked mole-rat reveals their
2. [game] > generating a mental edge
for daily performance and success.
I use the mole-rat's data to design key neuroacronetic words
and 3. [tools] > tracking orderly organizational links scientifically.
The mole-rat is highly focused internally on
4. [trials] > triangular routes interconnected around lifestyle solutions.
 Members of the mole-rat family work together in a community of
5. [trust] > the root underneath social trade
and as a 6. [team] > tolerating extreme adversity mentally.
Their ability to "tolerate" further reveals their
7. [patterns] > 
(P)ain tolerance
(A)ge tolerance
(T)emperture tolerance
(T)oxic tolerance
(E)nvironmental tolerance
(R)espiratory tolerance
(N)eurological tolerance
(S)tress tolerance 
The naked mole-rat maintains their normal bodily functions 80% of their lives.
I extend the 8. [how] > habit of will to see a direct connection to
9. [leadership] >
logical extensions advancing dynamically effective routes sustaining healthy internal processes. 
My theory is simpl: "dynamically effective
10. [routes] > roads offering unique tolerance sustainability 
- in essence - a "neuroeconomic highway"
linked to the 11. [brain] > brilliant resource absorbing information neurologically.
Most importantly we must understand
12. [tolerance] > telomere order logically extending roots and neighboring chromosome efficiency.
[telos (τέλος) 'end' and merοs (μέρος, root: μερ-) 'part.']
 "Neuro" - my mascot


 The nake mole-rat's resilience is directly linked to its "tolerance" further linked to its
13. [growth] > genomic routes offering ways to health 
capable of sustainable growth patterns under extreme conditions.
The key: 14. [create] > cognitive routes extending alternatives to effectiveness. 

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