The Neuroeconomic Prevention Of Cancer  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Neuroeconomic Health & Fitness
Institution / University: Fine Fitness Foundation/UCLA, United States
Published in: 2012

Book Abstract / Summary:
[Cancer] > cells attacking nearby cells evading regulation.
 As scientist we under 1. [cancer] > cells attacking nearby cells evading regulations.
To this experimentalist who works as a neuroeconomist seeking to pioneer a thesis of cancer prevention,
the 2. [push & pull] > thesis applies...short for: 'powerfully unleash spiritual habits' and 'passionately unleash leverage logically'
to regulate cell division and growth.
 Cancer, cells are like "terrorist" - in essence - they seek
to hide with a 3. [cause] > cells aggressively undermining stressful environments
  to divide and grow without control.
In other words - capable of infiltrating "the path of least resistance."
(G)enetics 5%
(R)adiation 10%
(I)nfections > 20%
(O)besity > 35%
(T)obacco > 30%

The Neuroeconomic practice of (a)wareness, (b)alance & (c)onditioning
may prevent the spread of cancer
 by reducing pressure and stress and increasing 'Health, Happiness & Harmony.'
This powerful combination may break-up this complex web and increase
 4. [power] > producing optimum will expanding rejuvenation to protect cells and genes.
(P)lant-based diet
If my "push & pull" thesis is valid, then the most malignant type of cancer may prevented with
this power 5. [diet] > developing inner energy today.
If cancer can prevented with lifestyle habits that includes a "plant-based diet,"
then more than 85% of its origin can be traced to 
6. [input] > internally navigating poisons undermining tissues. 
Cancer can hide, attack and destroy - so, one of the most effective agents
 is 7. [water] > washing away toxic eroding residue.
Ronnie C. Wright

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Neuroeconomic Health & Fitness, Ronnie C. Wright, Prevention

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