Super Charge: Mapping Word "dna" Aka Dynamic Neurological Activation  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Neuroeconomic Biochemistry
Institution / University: Fine Fitness Foundation/UCLA, United States
Published in: 2012

Paper Abstract / Summary:
  Word 1. [dna] > dynamic neurological activation

is a 2. [souce] > signalling outside unique cell environment

as 3. [stimuli] > sending transmitted intelligence mentally unleashing logical illumination

to the living cells' 4. [brain] > brilliant receptors absorbing illumination neurologically.

  These "ABC's" further - 5. [(a)ct] > activating cell transmission to 6. [(b)e] > brain energy

 to 7. [(c)harge] > creating habits around receptors' g-(protein) exchange

as 8. [light] > ligand interaction generating host transcription.  

This cellular process is highly important to personalized medicine. 

 The "wordspace illumination" of "GPCR-associated proteins" as a "brain"

with a 9. [mind] > master internal navigating device is important for deeply understanding these receptors.

This 10. [method] > masterfully enhances transmission habits operating domains.

 based on 11. [steps] > spectrometry that examine protein system

with 12. [maps] > mass analysis power spectrometry. 

 The method validates the 13. [path] > protocol allowance through habits

demonstrated in "maps." 


Ronnie C. Wright 

Ronnie C. Wright,




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Neuroeconomics, Biochemistry, Ronnie C. Wright

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