Acronetic Stem Cells: Zero Black Zero  

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Published in: 2013

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Active Creative Resource Originating
Neurological Extensions Through Intelligent Cell Systems 
beginning as [Alpha & Omega] with the complete value
 of 0. [PURE] > Perfect Unity Regenerating Everything >
thru [push/pull] for
 1. [stem] > system transformation extending mitosis >
than 2. [links] > lineage illuminating neurological knowledge systems
found in all these multicellular organisms as biological cells that can divide and differentiate
with 3. [skills] > specialized knowledge intelligently linking lineage systematically
through self-renewal to produce more stem cells embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.
 "0" aka "PURE" also understood through relationship as [IN] > Invisible Number in mammals,
extends "light" as embryonic isolated in the inner cell mass and adults located in various tissues.

Acronetic Stem Cells are a [class] > cell lineage activating specialized skills from two main sources:

  1. Embryos formed during the [black] > blastocyst logically activating cell knowledge aka [dark] > dynamically activing regenerative knowledge
  2. phase of development aka embryonic black stem cells;
  3.  and during the [act] > adult cell tissue aka adult stem cells.

Both types are generally characterized by their [push/pull] >

potency unleashing structural habits + potential unleashing lineage logically

 to [dare] > differentiate and regenerate extensions

 into bone, muscle and skin, muscle, bone.


Embryonic stem cells


A male sperm fertilizes a female egg in an image that reflects

 [zero] > zygote extending root orgin represented as "1."

This single zygote cell aka "1" is greater than 2, 4, 8, 16 cells, etc.

This blastocyst is seen as a [mass] > mind activating specialized skills of cells.

  The  "mass" consists of [Zest] >

Zero operating everything + embryoblast (inner cell mass) + spiritualblast (invisible) + trophoblast (outer cell mass).

 The spiritualblast activates the [push/pull] + totipotent (total potential)  + embryonic + placenta outer cell mass)  + structures (from the inner cell mass).


Adult Stem Cells


The key word is [range] > renew and natural generate extensions

because they have a [mind] > master internal neurological device

and [brain] > brilliant regenerating ability i neurologically.  



  • Pluripotent from this scientist point of view can also be considered "totipotent"because their ability to serve as the mind, body and spirit (invisible) as part of the extra-embryonic membranes and the placenta.
  • Unipotent - producing only cells of their own type, but with properties to self-renew - (muscle stem cells for example).
  • Multipotent - with its [id] >intelligent differentiation to serve as related family of cells - (hematopoietic red and white blood cells or platelets for example). 
  • Oligopotent - with its "id" to serve as a few cells - (lymphoid or myeloid stem cells for example).  

[stem] > spiritual transformation extending mammals

as [light] > logically illuminating genetic hematopoietic

 Stem CellProgenitor Cell


[push] > potency unleashing structural habits
Unlimited Limited
[pull] > potential unleashing lineage logically
Unlimited Limited
Multipotent Unipotent, sometimes oligopotent
Yes No
[rise] > renew intelligent stem extensions 
  before differentiating - (maxium)
Does not "rise" to maximum population



 Progenitor cells can be viewed as a bench
 [player] > possessing little active yields exhibiting replacement in the tissue -
 in essence - they are slow growth.
 autologous adult stem cells in humans can be viewed as primarily as [abc]:
  1. (A)dipose tissue (lipid cells) extracted by liposuction,
  2. (B)one marrow extracted by harvesting - essence - drilling into femur or iliac crest bone,
  3. (C)ell blood extracted through pheresis from a donor through a machine extraction and returns the used portions to the donor.
 (A)utologous harvesting,
 (B)lood from umbilical cord
 (C)loning embryonic cell lines and autologous.
The [push/pull] model definition of a stem cell requires that it has direct relationship with "PURE"
with the ability to [rise] > renew intelligent stem extensions
with "push/pull"
also viewed as [es] > extending spirit.

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